About Us

A Cognitive Clinical Success Machine with Speed and Specificity

JVION's Story

Building a Machine that Matters

We started Jvion with a mission - build a smart machine that can save lives. And every day we ask ourselves, "how can we use our machine to improve the health of individuals and the community?" For us, the value in what we do isn't tied to the sophistication of our tool; it is tied to the lives that we save and the health outcomes that we improve.
At our heart, we are a cognitive science company. We created a machine that works like a "plug-and-play" appliance within a provider's technology ecosystem to deliver views into the future state of a patient's health. Our goal is to provide a holistic portrait of the patient that is as true to the future reality as possible. By being able to "see" the patient one, two, even twelve months into the future, clinicians can identify the adverse events that can be prevented through interventions delivered today. And because of the way we architected our machine, we go beyond the risk of illness to provide the recommended actions that will lead to the best outcomes. It is this combination of an ultra-high def vision into the future and meaningful recommended actions that have made Jvion a leader in healthcare and cognitive science.