Bed Maximization

Effectively Manage Capacity with Clinical AI

Hospitals never want to be in the position of turning away patients because they have no available beds. Managing capacity can be complex, particularly in the midst of a pandemic or flu season. The Jvion CORE can provide a near real-time lens through which hospitals can identify patient risk trajectories and how those trajectories impact decisions related to the allocation of capacity and resources. Maximizing bed use in the inpatient setting can expedite patient throughput and provide an immediate solution to capacity shortages while ensuring optimal bed allocation, quality healthcare service and adequate financial support.

The Jvion CORE helps hospitals:

  • Identify patients whose health trajectories call for a change in care setting
  • Proactively monitor inpatient deterioration to inform clinical decisions
  • Address the underlying socioeconomic factors driving patient readmissions

Key products for Bed Maximization include:

  • Next Site of Care
  • Readmission: CHF
  • Readmission: All-Cause
  • 6-Month Deterioration
  • Readmission: Dual-Eligible
  • Inpatient Deterioration
  • Readmission: Post-Discharge
  • Length of Stay (LOS) Outlier

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Featured Product

Inpatient Deterioration

Clinicians need the ability to recognize and respond to patients who are admitted and, on a path, to deteriorate rapidly. As a patient’s clinical state worsens so does their risk for morbidity and mortality, including organ dysfunction and an extended length of stay. Failure to recognize early warning signs leads to an increased risk of adverse events in hospitalized patients that could have been avoided if they had been recognized and responded to earlier.

Jvion’s Inpatient Deterioration product facilitates the proactive identification of inpatient deterioration. The AI CORE helps clinicians intervene before patients show signs of deterioration like cardiac arrest, stroke, or respiratory arrest. The insights provided by Jvion’s CORE ensure prompt follow-ups by clinicians and inform clinical decision-making, including when escalation to other health providers is appropriate. Jvion’s recommendations provide clinicians with a personalized, holistic approach to the patient at risk for maximum impact.

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Impact Story

Empowering Hospitals to Effectively Maximize Resources in a Crisis

Consider a hospital located in an area experiencing a surge of COVID infections. The hospital’s capacity can quickly become strained, driving administrators, clinicians and care managers to work around the clock in attempt to make room for both COVID and non-COVID patients. With Jvion’s Inpatient Triage solution in place, the hospital is able to identify patient risk trajectories in near real-time, enabling clinicians to more expediently place patients in the right care settings with the right resources. By making better decisions about how to utilize the capacity and resources available, the hospital is empowered to more effectively manage its way through the crisis.

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