COVID Response Suite

Navigating COVID Vulnerability with Clinical AI

The COVID Response Suite is a multi-faceted approach that helps payers, providers and public health agencies address critical areas of concern including: the identification of vulnerable individuals and communities, the safe reopening of businesses, and the allocation of acute resources as hospitals reach capacity. Built on Jvion’s clinical AI CORE™, the COVID Response Suite focuses on vulnerability, which accounts for hidden or difficult to quantify influences in a patient’s life, that increase a patient’s risk of a poor outcome.

The COVID Response Suite delivers:

  • Identification of communities with populations likely to experience a severe course of illness if infected
  • Insights around the socioeconomic influencers contributing to community risk to inform COVID response plans at the state, county, city and block-group level
  • Stratification at an individual patient level so customers can direct outreach and education resources more effectively
  • Near real-time risk assessments to inform difficult inpatient triage decisions

Providers, health plans, government officials and employers can leverage Jvion’s clinical AI to gain data insights and shift from a reactive to a proactive pandemic response.

Key products for COVID Response include:

  • Back to Care
  • Patient Vulnerability
  • Back to Work Assessment
  • Workplace Wellness

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Featured Product

Patient Vulnerability List

With over 3 million cases of COVID and counting, knowing who is vulnerable to the infection within a patient community gives providers valuable time to intervene and, where possible, save lives.

Using Jvion’s patient vulnerability list, Care ATC was able to proactively reach out to patients in their population who were most vulnerable to COVID, while at the same time offering employer clients the ability to mitigate the impacts of this disease on their population. Other customers have used the lists to identify neighborhoods where mobile testing clinics are appropriate, saving vulnerable patients from a trip to the hospital where they could expose themselves to the virus.

Jvion’s CORE creates lists that rank hospital patient populations based on their risk of hospitalization, end organ failure, and mortality as a result of infection. The lists also identify the clinical factors and social determinants of health driving their risk, including factors like unemployment, transportation access and food insecurity.

Who We Help

Impact Story

Student Volunteers Impact Local Community During COVID-19

Students from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) aimed to help mitigate the COVID crisis in their community. Their COVID Community Vulnerability Project was an ongoing effort to leverage artificial intelligence to help identify the most vulnerable and at-risk patients across South Carolina so they could perform educational interventions. The Jvion COVID Community Vulnerability Map identifies the populations at risk for suffering a severe course of illness if infected with the coronavirus. The students from MUSC used the map to ensure those vulnerable communities were aware of MUSC resources in the event they felt unwell or needed support.

The students leveraged Jvion’s COVID map to identify, down to the US Census block group level, those communities most at risk for severe coronavirus outcomes based on a wide variety of variables including socioeconomic factors such as food bank access as well as historical outcomes such as previous disease impact. Armed with this information, the students have been able to reach out and support the most vulnerable populations within their local community.

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