Palliative Care & Hospice

Facilitating End of Life Care Planning with Clinical AI Insights

There is nothing more important than helping patients maintain quality of life as they approach the end of their journey with a terminal illness. Patients and their families look to the interdisciplinary teams to help them navigate decisions like when it is time to consider palliative care or hospice. These conversations must be handled with compassion and understanding of what can be done to manage pain, symptoms and social support for the patient and their loved ones.

Jvion’s CORE™ delivers insights that helps clinicians, case managers and others involved in the delivery of care:

  • Identify high-risk patients to refer to palliative care consultations
  • Improve the patient experience by acting on personalized recommendations based on clinical and non-clinical risk factors
  • Reduce hospitalizations
  • Identify social support needs

Key products for Palliative Care & Hospice include:

  • Oncology: 30-Day ED
  • Oncology: 30-Day Readmission
  • Oncology: 30-Day Mortality
  • Oncology: 6-Month Deterioration
  • Inpatient Triage Assessment
  • Palliative/Hospice

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Featured Product

30-Day Mortality

The 30-Day Mortality product supports clinical decision-making by predicting the final stages of a patient’s terminal illness with a primary endpoint of early hospice or palliative care. The Jvion CORE is able to take into account which intervention would increase that particular patient’s quality of life within the final 30 days. Whether it be symptom management, preparing the family and/or caregivers, or promoting a social support system, these individualized recommendations redirect the plan of care towards the right intervention for the right patient to ensure the highest quality of life. In addition, these interventions promote minimizing unnecessary clinical workload and/or aggressive measures of care and intervening earlier with palliative care and/or hospice enrollment.

Who We Help

Patient Impact Story

New Palliative Care Service Improves Quality of Life

A 58-year-old woman was tired of going to the hospital, but the pain in her legs from peripheral arterial disease was so severe that she had no choice. She knew what the doctor had told her last time – there was not much more they could do to increase circulation and decrease the pain. When she arrived at the hospital, a familiar, chaotic scene unfolded around her and made her feel silly for being there when others needed help more urgently.

The nurse approached her and reviewed her medical record and recent visits for leg pain. Unlike previous visits, however, this nurse was also equipped with additional information provided by the Jvion CORE that recommended her for a new palliative care service. A doctor came and spoke with her about the service, described as specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses. The goal is to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family.

He wrote her discharge papers and set her up for an appointment at the palliative care clinic for the next day! Six months later and she is living nearly pain free and has regular appointments with her palliative care clinic.

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