Clinical Implementation

Jvion is committed to helping our customers successfully deploy AI within their existing workflows. Our collaborative approach to implementation brings executive stakeholders, clinicians, care managers and other key users into the process as early as possible, facilitating adoption and accelerating time-to-value. Jvion’s ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems provides ready access to impactful insights within familiar constructs.

Step 1

Integrating Jvion: A Meeting of the Minds

Jvion understands that every customer is unique in their infrastructure and approach. As such, our clinical implementation team partners with stakeholders across key clinical and administrative workflows to understand your environment and processes in order to effectively integrate and deploy the Jvion CORETM for maximum impact.

Step 2

Taking Action: Identify & Course-Correct

Jvion flags individuals that the CORE identifies are on a modifiable high-risk trajectory, and provides a personalized ranking of evidence-based recommendations to drive action. By providing individualized and prioritized recommendations, clinicians are able to build targeted care plans that efficiently and effectively allocate limited resources while improving outcomes.

Step 3

Moving On: Set Up for Success

Insights from the Jvion CORE include potential challenges facing the patient outside of the care setting, such as living in a food desert or a lack of transportation. Armed with this information, clients are able to work with their resources to put a holistic plan together for the patient that will work within their everyday life.

Augmenting Human Capacity

Jvion is a strategic partner in the coordination and delivery of care, augmenting human capacity and empowering everyone involved in providing high quality care to a broad range of individuals. The Jvion CORE “thinks” about patients in the same way clinicians do, and helps reduce the cognitive load by identifying the right patients at the right time with recommended clinical care and decisions. This frees the clinician to spend more time engaging with their patients and helping them address their healthcare needs.

Seamless Integration With Existing Systems

Jvion’s prescriptive insights can flow directly into existing clinical, care management and other critical workflows through system integration like EHRs. This ensures the people that need to take action on patients based on the CORE’s recommendations, can do so easily.

A Trusted, Helpful Partner

Jvion is the market leader for clinical artificial intelligence having helped over 300 hospitals, payers and PBMs. A true partner in its customers’ success, Jvion helps users ask the right questions throughout the process to ensure they make the best choices for their organization, maximize ROI and get up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.


How does Jvion use patient data to predict future harmful events?

Jvion uses a vast combination of clinical, behavioral, socioeconomic, environmental and other non-clinical data points, combined with validated clinical literature, to build and optimize holistic, personalized patient risk and recommendation models. Patient data is included in the 4,500+ clinical, behavioral, environmental, and socioeconomic variables factors.

By using sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, the Jvion CORE is able to predict harm before it manifests itself and to provide holistic, patient-specific recommendations, which drive better patient outcomes and avoid unnecessary hospital costs.

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