Technical Implementation

Jvion’s systematic approach to implementation minimizes the burden on IT resources.

The technology and data science teams work collaboratively with the customer to align expectations around data exchange, model tuning and analytic output.

Jvion’s customer-centric technical AI implementation structure ensures clinical and operational impact, while driving the highest levels of adoption and value.

Data Feeds

Jvion combines customer data from clinical/EHR systems, patient or member rosters, HL7 feeds and EDI claims with it’s universal data set of more than 30 million individuals.

Data Integrity

Using proprietary algorithms to cleanse and validate disparate data, Jvion ensures data integrity eliminating the risk of inaccurate analytic insights resulting from bad data quality.

Data Integration

Jvion maps more than 4,500 risk factors to each individual, including features from their clinical, socioeconomic, and environmental history and conditions.

Applying AI

The CORE analyzes each patient as a compilation of thousands of variables, each with differing influence on risk, to classify them appropriately in terms of their risk for a preventable adverse outcome.

Actionable Insights

The CORE provides customers with clarity around each patient’s risk propensity, influencing factors and most importantly – personalized and prioritized recommendations to change their risk trajectory.

Workflow Integration

The output from Jvion’s analytics can seamlessly integrate into existing platforms including EHRs, care management systems and patient engagement portals.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are of the utmost importance to Jvion. Jvion is committed to protecting and preserving the privacy of our customers data. To that effect, Jvion employs several levels of physical, system and data security layers to protect all analytics and analysis performed and information maintained in Jvion’s secure Microsoft Azure cloud environment. In addition to being HIPAA compliant, Jvion has secured HITRUST CSF Certified status.

A Trusted, Helpful Partner

Jvion is the market leader for clinical artificial intelligence having helped over 300 hospitals, payers and PBMs. A true partner in its customers’ success, Jvion helps users ask the right questions throughout the process to ensure they make the best choices for their organization, maximize ROI and get up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.


What questions or use cases are addressed by the Jvion CORE?

One of the most valuable aspects of the Jvion CORE is its ability to adapt with and to customer needs. The CORE is constantly learning and adapting eliminating the need to build and train a new model when a customer wants to evaluate different risk trajectories across their population. Whether identifying patients at risk for avoidable admissions, developing sepsis, or mortality – the CORE can be deployed quickly.


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