Jvion CORE™

Care Optimization and Recommendation Enhancement

Go beyond predictive analytics with purpose-built artificial intelligence.

The Jvion CORE, built on Microsoft Azure, is a secure and scalable prescriptive clinical-AI intelligence repository that aggregates structured and unstructured data. The CORE augments customer information with clinical, socioeconomic and experiential data from 30 million individuals and applies sophisticated algorithms to find correlations and inferences that matter. The CORE identifies individuals on a path to preventable harm and provides personalized recommendations to change their risk trajectory, resulting in improved outcomes, quality, and cost of care.

The CORE “Thinks” About People the Way a Clinician Does

The Jvion CORE solves massively complex problems, analyzing diverse data, identifying hidden patients on a modifiable risk trajectory and delivering prioritized recommendations for effective interventions. The real power of the Jvion CORE is its capability to “think” about patients in the same way as a clinician. It continuously learns and constantly improves, giving care teams and coordinators more power than the human brain, or an entire health care team, could ever achieve alone.

Beyond the Obvious:
The Power of Eigen Spheres

As an Eigen Sphere-based artificial intelligence engine, the Jvion CORE employs an approach that has been a proven asset in solving complex challenges such as quantum mechanics, search and consumer behavior, facial recognition — and now, patient deterioration. The CORE is able to solve much more complex problems, faster & more comprehensively than linear neural network models.

The Eigenspace platform is an n-dimensional space within which patients are mapped against profiles, which results in thousands of relevant clusters. The CORE is unique in its ability not only to determine a patient’s trajectory toward a risk event, but also to decide if this risk is modifiable, how it can be modified, and present recommended actions to produce a positive outcome.

Continuous Adaptation

People are dynamic, so any analytic tool used to understand a person’s propensity to risk must be dynamic too. The Jvion CORE continuously learns, improves and expands its capabilities. The CORE correlates massive amounts of data and makes inferences to create CORE profiles that can be used to show who is at-risk for a particular adverse event or disease (e.g., heart attack, sepsis). The CORE can address multiple use cases with the same model. There is no need to build and rebuild bespoke models to answer different questions.


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