The Bonobo Big Data Platform

Powering the Technology that Helps Providers Stay Remarkable

Underlying all of Jvion’s solutions is the Bonobo Big Data Platform.

This proprietary technology brings together leading big data capabilities including Hadoop with Jvion’s algorithms and clinical rules to deliver the analytic engine at the core of our Cognitive Clinical solution.
The Bonobo Big Data Platform drives unmatched intelligence and insight through an approach that combines:
  • Hadoop-based technology: that can process and analyze any data type and supports the computationally intensive analytics delivered through Jvion’s solutions
  • Our solution's algorithms and deep machine learning: that drive the detailed insights and accuracy of our software
  • Clinical rules: that inform Jvion's solutions and enhance the clinical accuracy and integrity of the system
The data used in Jvion's solution for patient predictions comes from a wide range of sources. This information is used to pre-train our use cases to deliver Cognitive Clinical insights that are fast, more accurate and flexible than any other solution available on the market.
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