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Making Healthcare IT Heroes: Cognitive Technology, Clinical Precision and IT Harmony

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Being a healthcare IT leader can be a thankless job.

A CIO at a forum a couple of years back described his health system’s successful, on-time implementation of EMR. After the technology team popped some corks and shared shouts of celebration and sighs of relief, something strange began to happen.

Within a few days of the (we reiterate) successful implementation, this CIO started feeling a coolness as he passed through the hallways. Stone-faced looks lingered, and normally friendly folks were unusually curt. He even started imagining that people were grumbling under their breath as he passed.

As the organization began gathering feedback and doing post-project analysis it became clear. Everyone hated IT, and the CIO, and technology, and, probably, kittens.

In truth, they hated the massive disruption, the intrusive multi-year implementation, and the new processes and software they felt made it much harder to diagnose and heal patients. But this frustration had a face, and it was the CIO.

Our message to healthcare IT leaders: It doesn’t have to be this way.

With outsized IT demand and limited resources, consider the technology solution that moves the farthest and fastest to improve health outcomes. The Cognitive Clinical Success Machine quickly delivers the most remarkable improvements in outcomes, all in harmony with your IT operations. A few key principles guide this success:

  • Designed for ease of implementation and harmony with existing systems
  • Ensures limited demands on IT time
  • Delivers the fastest time to go live

Give your doctors and nurses the tools they need to be clinical heroes—a powerful clinical brain that assesses risks and recommends interventions at every level across all patient populations. And be the IT heroes who swiftly deliver this power for treatment and healing, all within your existing IT environment and without disruption and discord.

Consider the stories of fast, seamless progress to clinical results and IT harmony with the cognitive machine from these healthcare system leaders:

“Every minute and every dollar counts at a safety net, and so we look heavily to technology to provide innovative care,” said Ben McKeeby, CIO of Grady Health System in Atlanta. “There’s a lot of talk about how quickly you can get a solution up and running. It doesn’t materialize most of the time, but JVION exceeded my expectations.”

“Anytime you enter in a new IT project, the (internal) IT shop thinks that it’s going to be bigger and harder than it is,” said Katrina Belt, CFO of Baptist Health in Montgomery, Ala. “I was surprised how easy it was for the Baptist Health IT department to get the feeds going from our Cerner system into the JVION database.”

Unsung IT leaders contribute as much to the health of patients and communities and populations as do the many dedicated doctors and nurses. The Cognitive Clinical Success Machine celebrates IT leaders for the healthcare heroes you are, working smartly within your resources and environment to keep clinicians informed and focused on the right next actions and treatments for prevention and healing.