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Putting Data to Work with Ease with the Cognitive Machine

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Data feeds the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine. Anyone working in healthcare probably has a rough memory about adopting a new technology and struggling to connect new systems with data from existing ones. Not so with Jvion—swift, painless data integration means the machine is giving smart clinical guidance for patients within weeks. Customers share more in this video.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

“We spend a lot of time collecting data that’s incredibly complex, complicated, incomplete often, and it’s changing constantly.  So the great thing about Jvino and cognitive science is that it actually is not a stagnant database. It changes with an incredible amount of flexibility and speed but it also changes specific to the individual patient base.  We have patients in our community that the Jvion tool is actually looking at and providing information to us based on their specific population.  That’s incredible.”

“Jvion has helped us leverage data. We know our data is messy, we know it’s never perfect. I don’t know how they do it but we feed them our Epic data and marry that together with the external data and a number of other things and they really quite impressively provide us back accurate predictions.”