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Real, Remarkable Results in Every Healthcare Measure that Matters with the Cognitive Machine

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This is the part we love most at JVION—sharing the remarkable results our provider partners and their patients are achieving with the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine. And wow, how it’s working. Across all pathologies. Addressing every key area of quality. Improving every efficiency and performance metric that matters to healthcare providers and systems.

Take a look at several examples of the incredible results healthcare providers are achieving with the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine:

Exceptional Care Outcomes in the Community: Grady Hospital System in downtown Atlanta takes care outside the walls and directly to the community with its Mobile Integrated Health program. Duos with a paramedic and nurse practitioner go directly to the homes of patients recently discharged to ensure they have the care and access to resources they need to heal and stay healthy. Grady has seen a 500 percent return while putting patient and their individualized needs first.

Heading Off Heart Attacks: CHIO Dr. John Showalter and the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) are using JVION's acute myocardial infarction (AMI) clinical vectors to stop heart attacks. The cognitive machine is performing almost two times better than stress tests and 20 percent better than CT coronary angiograms in identifying AMI events in a low-risk population within 12 months of discharge.

Reducing Readmissions: Health First, central Florida’s largest integrated delivery network, adopted the cognitive machine to pinpoint patients at risk of a readmission and improve interventions. It helped ensure a healthy discharge for hundreds of individuals at high risk of readmission across all facilities. In just three months Health First avoided more than $895,000 in costs and saved more than 443 length of stay days.

Baptist Health in Montgomery, Ala., has realized similar readmissions gains. “The JVION solution has allowed us to demonstrate a nearly 20 percent reduction in readmissions,” said Katrina Belt, CFO of Baptist Health in Montgomery, Ala.

And Onslow Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville, N.C., has used the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine to successfully drive down readmissions.

“By marrying the latest and best in cognitive science with the talented resources at Onslow Memorial Hospital, we are driving beyond our readmission goals to improve quality and thrive under at-risk models of care,” said CEO Penney Burlingame Deal.

Avoiding Preventable Harm: UMMC has worked for years to lower pressure injury rates among patients. An innovative initiative targeted the number of stage three, four, and un-stageable pressure injury instances. The project combined JVION’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine with UMMC’s operational best practices to more effectively prevent pressure injuries within the hospital. In less than three months, UMMC realized a 66 percent drop in late-stage pressure injuries and, saving more than $2 million in associated costs.

A three-hospital system in Alabama has had similar success using the cognitive machine to diminish catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs). The system has realized significant improvement across key indicators including:

  • Jump in core/Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP) scores from the 50th percentile to 100th percentile
  • 73 percentage point improvement in Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) physician communication scores
  • Projected 30 percent drop in instances CAUTIs

Sustaining Financial Viability

“Margin for mission” remains the reality for hospitals and healthcare providers, which must maintain financial health to deliver reliable, compassionate care to the communities they serve. JVION partners are not only realizing breakthrough clinical outcomes for patients, but also associated significant financial performance metrics:

  • Onslow Memorial Hospital saved close to $1 million in just months through reduced readmissions and other gains by incorporating advanced clinical cognitive capabilities
  • Baptist Health in Montgomery has recognized more than $7 million in savings: “We also are using the Jvion solution in nine BPCI bundles,” said CFO Katrina Belt. “Since we’ve implemented the solution we’ve estimated a little over $7 million of avoidable cost that we’ve been able to eliminate by pinpointing the care that we provide to our individual patients. The right care at the right place at the right time always saves money.”
  • UMMC recognized $4 million in savings within just months, related to readmissions and other clinical performance gains
  • Health First in central Florida nearly $2 million in savings within three by significantly reducing readmissions for some of the community's most vulnerable and at-risk patients

New Frontiers in Better Outcomes

The well-documented successes of the cognitive machine in real-world clinical settings represent just the beginning. Exciting advances are under way:

  • A unique collaboration with the COPD Foundation, Geisinger, and GSK aimed at improving the lives of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients. This innovative approach uses cognitive machine technology and COPD patient data to help individuals with COPD stay healthier, avoid hospitalizations, and prevent hospital readmissions following an inpatient stay.
  • JVION and the Mayo Clinic recently partnered to release the Bedside Patient Rescue extension of the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine to identify and appropriately treat patients at risk of avoidable deaths.