Life-Changing and Risk-Bending Prescriptive Intelligence

The Guide to Controlling Costs and Realizing Value Based Care

As the pandemic continues, the financial strain has put 40% of ACOs at risk of closing. As the transition to value-based care continues, provider’s financial survival will increasingly depend on improving quality measures and preventing avoidable patient harm. However, despite their claims, EHRs are not the answer to reducing patients’ risk of harm. Their predictive risk scores and clinical decision support alerts are insensitive, and typically only flag patients with obvious risk, for whom little can be done to change their outcome. These systems also don’t help clinicians understand what interventions will prevent adverse patient outcomes.

  • Download our guide to learn how to move beyond your EHR and achieve your value-based care goals with prescriptive clinical artificial intelligence (AI). See how AI can combine clinical data in your EHR with external data on social determinants of health for a comprehensive view of risk, and deliver patient-centric intervention recommendations that address patient risk factors to prevent avoidable harm, lower costs and improve outcomes.

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