Baptist Saves More than $13M and Achieves 18% drop in readmissions over Two Years

Baptist Health


Baptist Health is a three-hospital, non-profit system serving Montgomery and the surrounding central Alabama region. An affiliate of the University of Alabama-Birmingham Health System and a partner with Montgomery Surgical Center, Baptist Health is the first ambulatory surgery center constructed in Alabama. Baptist Health is committed to evaluating and updating its technologies and facilities to remain on the cutting edge of procedures and services. With more than 525 Baptist Health-affiliated physicians, a seasoned clinical staff and a comprehensive offering of medical services, Baptist Health strives to deliver the highest level of care possible.


Lowering avoidable readmissions and admissions requires the accurate identification of at-risk patients and the application of personalized interventions that address the clinical and socioeconomic factors driving a patient’s risk. By avoiding an adverse event and the associated impact to a patient’s health, Baptist health improves the quality of care and the cost of care.

The challenge, however, was that the predictive capabilities of their existing Cerner EHR system were insufficient to provide the patient-level insights, flexibility and scalability necessary to meet Baptist Health’s needs. Baptist Health turned to the Jvion CORE™ as the system’s enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled prescriptive analytics solution. In addition to applying Jvion’s capabilities to employees covered by the PSHP, Baptist Health is using the Jvion CORE to lower rates of readmissions and patient complications across the care continuum.

Over the course of two years, Baptist Health saved more than $13M by targeting and intervening on those covered employees at risk of an avoidable ER or inpatient visit. Using Jvion’s AI-enabled prescriptive analytics, Baptist Health was able to better identify at-risk individuals and take the clinical actions that would keep them healthy and out of the hospital.

By avoiding adverse events and their associated impact to a patient’s health, Baptist Health has successfully improved the quality of its care while simultaneously lowering the cost of care. As a result, Baptist Health is one of the rare providers finding success with their PSHP.


  • More than $13M saved over the course of two years
  • 18% drop in readmissions

“The best way to lower the cost of care is to drive prevention and effective interventions early and in a way that ensures patient engagement. By knowing who is at risk, whose trajectory we can change, and how to change it, the Jvion CORE provides us the critical pieces of information that will ensure the success of our health plan and the health of our population over the long-term.”Kelly Benson, Director of Community Care Management at the Baptist Health Center for Well Being

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