Grady Health’s Adoption of the Jvion CORE™ Delivers 500% Return and Decreases Readmissions by 10%



Grady Health System, one of the largest safety-net health systems in the United States, has served the most vulnerable and in-need patients in metro-Atlanta since 1892. Grady has treated almost 41,000 adult and newborn patients admitted to the main hospital and conducted close to 500,000 outpatient visits on an annual basis. Grady also has the premier level I trauma center in the Metro Atlanta region and serves as the 911 ambulance provider for the city of Atlanta.


Grady Health System’s Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) program gives community-based treatment to patients who have been recently discharged from the hospital and are at risk of needing to be readmitted. The Jvion CORE™ analyzes patient clinical and behavioral data, combined with socioeconomic factors such as levels of income, nutrition and education, to identify which patients are at greatest risk and devise recommended next steps of action for preventing harm.

The program sends a two-person team of one paramedic and one nurse practitioner to patient homes to ensure they have what they need for a smooth recovery. Through its collaboration with Jvion, Grady has been able to improve health outcomes while boosting patient engagement across Atlanta’s diverse neighborhoods.

Within a year, Grady has seen a 10% decrease in readmissions for the population targeted by MIH and the Jvion CORE. Not only was the immediate risk of hospitalization decreased, the actions taken resulted in a lasting impact that decreased the risk of future hospital admissions. And the program is helping to lower the cost of care. Across two years, Grady saved almost $700,000 in direct costs and realized a greater than 500% return on the program. Going forward, Grady plans to expand the program to serve more patients with the individualized, personal care that is keeping Atlantans healthier and out of the hospital.


  • Within a year, Grady has seen a 10% decrease in readmissions for the population
  • Across two years, Grady saved almost $700,000 in avoidable costs and realized a greater than 500% return on the program

“With the information delivered by the Jvion CORE, our practitioners are better able to zero in on high-risk patients. We are able to pinpoint those individuals who are at risk so that we can better align our clinical and community resources. And in the complex social and economic environment in which we deliver care, we require the kind of power delivered through a patient-centered tool like the Jvion CORE to reduce suffering and help us do more for our patients.”Glenn Hilburn, Vice President, Clinical Systems for Grady Health System

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