New York Healthcare Provider Achieves Better Transitions of Care with Prescriptive Clinical AI

Nearly 20% of patients experience adverse events within 3 weeks of discharge. Almost three-quarters of these events could have been prevented or reduced in severity.

In 2020, nearly half the nation’s hospitals were penalized by CMS for high readmission rates. However, research suggests as many as 75% of readmissions could be prevented or reduced in severity with the right interventions, coordination and communication that meets patient needs. But to do so, care teams need to know which patients are at risk of readmission and how their risk can be reduced. Clinical AI can provide the answers to these difficult questions. To reduce readmissions and lower costs, one of the largest healthcare providers in New York State decided to augment their transitions of care management (TCM) program with the prescriptive clinical intelligence of the Jvion CORE™.

  • Download the impact story to learn how Jvion’s clinical AI CORE helped this healthcare provider reduce readmissions by 23.6% by identifying who was at risk for readmission, why they were at risk — including socioeconomic and behavioral risk factors — and the actions care teams could take to most effectively reduce their risk.

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