Clinical Vignettes

CHF: Avoidable Inpatient Admission

By uncovering a Congestive Heart Failure diagnosis that had fallen off this patient’s problem list, the Jvion machine ensured that the patient’s condition was treated, and risk of an avoidable admission was lowered.
A 50-year old man with no previous diagnosis and no current medications was identified as high-risk of an avoidable inpatient admission within the next 90-days. The risk factors highlighted Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) as a major contributor. Upon chart review, the team uncovered an echocardiogram in 2014 indicating a diagnosis of CHF. However, while the patient progress notes from the diagnostic in 2014 had a treatment plan, CHF was never added to the problem list. As a result, the patient had not received primary care or treatment for CHF. Without the Jvion machine, the clinicians would have overlooked this patient. They would have missed the opportunity to apply the recommended actions that ultimately helped control his CHF, reduce his risk of complications, and avoid a potential inpatient stay.