Clinical Vignettes
CHF: Readmission Prevention
By knowing that this 79-year old man was newly diagnosed with congestive heart failure (CHF), the Jvion machine gave the care team the information they needed to prevent a possible CHF readmission.
A 79-year old male patient was admitted for atrial fibrilization. Upon admission, the patient was identified by Jvion as high risk for readmission related to Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). Newly diagnosed with CHF, the admission was correlated to direct exacerbation of the disease. Jvion alerted the nurse on the transitional care team who reviewed the patient’s individualized risk factors and recommended interventions. Through the collaboration with the transitional care team, the patient was able to receive proper education on daily weigh-ins, focus on disease specific nutrition, schedule follow up appointments with appropriate providers, and involve his caregiver in the patient’s plan of care using teach-back methods to ensure understanding of instructions.

Within the last 30 days, this patient has not returned to the hospital for a readmission due to exacerbation of his condition.