Clinical Vignettes
Diabetes: Avoidable ER Visit
By understanding the health risks faced by this 45-year old diabetic male nurse who works night shifts, Jvion determined that he was at risk of an avoidable ER visit within the next 90 days. The machine provided the specific intervention insights that have kept him out of the hospital and his diabetes under control.
A 45-year old male nurse who works night shift and is currently diagnosed with hypertension, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes was identified by Jvion’s machine as high-risk for health regression. The care coordinator actioned on Jvion’s recommended interventions by providing education and guidance on mealtimes, exercises, and taking medications given a non-traditional work schedule. In addition, the care coordinator was able to connect the employee to a hospital-led diabetes support group and assistance with supplies needed to manage his diabetes.

Since the interventions, the employee has maintained his HbA1c <7% and has not had an admission or an ED visit within the past 6 months.