Clinical Vignettes

Hepatitis C: Avoidable Inpatient Admission

By accounting for an unknown medical history of gastrointestinal bleeding, the Jvion machine identified this patient as at-risk of an avoidable inpatient stay and helped the care team truly personalize interventions.
A 62 year-old man who was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and currently taking anticoagulant and antiplatelet drugs for the condition was flagged by the Jvion machine as at risk for an avoidable inpatient admission. While the patient should have received education on possible intestinal bleeding as part of his initial prescription, follow up regarding black and tarry stools was a leading recommendation delivered by the machine to help prevent the admission. Looking into the patient record, the clinical team found a history of inpatient admissions related to GI bleeding, no evidence of patient education, no recent documentation on follow-up or contact, and a lack of social resources. In addition to the machine’s recommendations for extensive patient education on his condition, medication side effects, and external signs of Hepatitis C, the clinician ensured that the patient made his follow up visit to his healthcare provider. The patient has not had an inpatient visit for 90 days since interventions were actioned.