Clinical Vignettes
HIV: Avoidable Inpatient Admission
By identifying unknown risk factors, the Jvion machine determined that this patient was at risk for an inpatient visit related to a recurrent infection. The intervention recommendations provided by Jvion helped lower the patient’s risk and provided an important education opportunity.
A 39-year old woman who was diagnosed with HIV was identified as high-risk for an avoidable inpatient admission. The top recommended action was to check for a fever. The provider initially thought that this patient may be an outlier. However, with additional and extensive chart review, the team uncovered 13 admissions related to infections within the last two years. This risk was in addition to a history of non-compliance with medications, a lack of follow-up care from previous admissions, and a lack of social resources in the home. Based on the insights and individualized recommendations provided by the machine, this patient received critical education on how to identify signs of an infection including fever. As a result, this patient has not had an inpatient admission within the past 30 days.