Cognitive Clinical Success Machine
The Cognitive Clinical Success Machine for Healthcare

A Healthcare Solution Like No Other

Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine is a high-performance appliance for healthcare. It more precisely and comprehensively foresees risk and is the only machine of its kind that delivers the recommended actions that improve outcomes. Continue

Welcome to The World of Eigen

The Cognitive Clinical Success Machine is built using an Eigenspace platform—an approach that is a proven asset in solving comp...

Beyond Predictive Analytics

Cognitive Clinical Success Machine goes beyond predictive analytics by delivering unmatched breadth of application and the most...

A Healthcare Solution Like No Other

Jvion’s Cognitive Machine uses Eigen-based technology to help providers take the actions that will improve patient health.

Our approach enables the transposition of patients directly onto the machine so that providers can immediately ask 50+ questions about a patient’s health, risk, and impactability. For each question, the machine delivers an individual patient’s risk; the clinical and non-clinical factors propelling the risk; and the most effective actions/interventions to mitigate the risk. The machine is an AI Asset that delivers ROI within weeks, future-proofs the organization, and drives a greater guarantee of success by avoiding the pitfalls of models builds and predictive analytics.

The Power of The Eigen Engine

The machine’s horsepower is generated using the industry’s only Clinical Eigenspace-based engine that extends the power of advanced machine-learning models and delivers patient-level cognitive propensities across the spectrum of clinical variation management. Within this space are hundreds of thousands of Eigen Spheres, which have been generated inside the machine. These spheres represent patients in the Eigenspace that have alike holistic clinical and behavioral outcomes under similar risk adjusted conditions. The patients associated with each Eigen Sphere react similarly to various interventions when sifted through the right machine learning models. These models run on top of each Eigen sphere and allow the machine to extend far beyond identifying risk propensities to extrapolate the effectiveness of various interventions. This capability is otherwise impossible from any other available predictive model like multi-variate regression or neural networks. It is only achievable with an Eigen-based machine.
For every patient, the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine makes more than a quadrillion (1015) clinical and non-clinical considerations in real time. The outcome of this entire process is an ultra-definition patient view. This view comprises individual Eigen Propensity Biographies that account for risk and intervention effectiveness longitudinally and at specific points in time for every individual patient. Target medical events are embodied as clinical success vectors, which extrapolate risk and the most effective actions for a specific patient.

Thinking Beyond the Machine

Taken together, the key to clinical success is the machine’s ability to...
(1) Account for a medical event’s entire etiology including the socioeconomic, behavioral, and lifestyle factors impacting a patient’s risk trajectory, and...
(2) ...Apply that understanding into effective clinical action.
Because the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine “thinks” about patients in the same way as a clinician (complex, ever-changing), it drives value in two ways. One, it reduces a clinician’s cognitive load by pointing his/her focus to the right patients and recommendations at the right time. And two, it drives to patient impact by more precisely identifying at-risk patients and the actions that will lead to improved outcomes.
Learn how Jvion's Cognitive Clinical Success Machine delivers unmatched speed to value and patient-specific recommendations to stop adverse events and improve health outcomes.
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