Cognitive Clinical Success Machine
The Cognitive Clinical Success Machine for Healthcare

A Healthcare Solution Like No Other

Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine is AI that works for healthcare. With our solution, providers are more effectively preventing adverse events, improving the patient experience, and realizing real value. Continue

Welcome to The World of Eigen

The Cognitive Clinical Success Machine is built using an Eigenspace platform—an approach that is a proven asset in solving comp... Continue

Beyond Predictive Analytics

Cognitive Clinical Success Machine goes beyond predictive analytics by delivering unmatched breadth of application and the most... Continue

A Healthcare Solution Like No Other

Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine uses Eigen-based technology to help providers take the actions that will improve patient health.

Our approach to AI neutralizes many of the problems with typical predictive analytic and machine learning models. And because of this, we enable more effective, individualized patient impact.

The Jvion machine is Eigen-based. The core engine driving the capability of the machine has been in development for more than a decade and has been delivering clinical value for more than four years. This foundation has created an environment in which we can transpose any patient population onto the machine and quickly identify those individual patients who are on a trajectory toward a target adverse event. The machine can tell you why they are tracking toward a risk, if you can do something about it, and—if so—how to intervene.

The machine is not a compilation of predictive models. Rather, it is a rich patient topography imbued with clinical intelligence that empowers caregivers with the ability to ask the questions that will drive to better patient health outcomes.

What is Means to Have an Enterprise AI Asset

Jvion’s Cognitive Machine is used by provider’s as their Enterprise AI Asset. But why and what does this mean?

There is growing evidence that providers are struggling to draw clinical value from their EHRs. While they amass large amounts of patient data, they aren’t able to use it to drive more effective care.

Jvion’s Cognitive Machine fills this gap by delivering an extendable AI solution that can be pointed to just about any clinical challenge across the care continuum. It can consume diverse data, be applied to diverse locations and patient populations, and deliver customized outputs based on workflow and stakeholder needs. The proven return of the machine translates across clinical applications and geographies. It delivers the assurance of success that providers need and the speed to value they require.

Thinking Beyond the Machine

Taken together, the key to clinical success is the machine’s ability to:
(1) Account for a medical event’s entire etiology including the socioeconomic, behavioral, and lifestyle factors impacting a patient’s risk trajectory, and
(2) Apply that understanding into effective clinical action

Because the Cognitive Machine “thinks” about patients in the same way as a clinician, it drives value in two ways. One, it reduces a clinician’s cognitive load by pointing his/her focus to the right patients and recommendations at the right time. And two, it drives to patient impact by more precisely identifying at-risk patients and the actions that will lead to improved outcomes.

Learn how Jvion's Cognitive Clinical Success Machine delivers unmatched speed to value and patient-specific recommendations to stop adverse events and improve health outcomes.
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