The Jvion CORE™
Answers Healthcare’s
Most Important Questions

Healthcare is swimming in more data than it knows what to do with, leaving healthcare organizations with more questions than answers.

We have a lifesaver…allow us to introduce you to the Jvion CORE.

The Jvion CORE is a mature clinical AI environment that analyzes all that data — clinical, socioeconomic, behavioral and more — and finds the answers that matter while there is still time for you to change the outcome. The resulting prescriptive guidance helps you intercept and course-correct patients on a path to poor health outcomes, lowering costs and improving quality along the way.

Discover a few of the questions the CORE can help answer below.

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Jvion’s Social Determinants of Health Solutions

How can I close the health equity gap?

Using our vast socioeconomic, behavioral and lifestyle data lake, we can pinpoint the social vulnerabilities driving cost and utilization across your community and patient populations. Give us just patient registry data, and we can tell you at the patient level, which modifiable non-clinical factors are influencing their poor outcomes and what specific actions you can take to change their future.

Jvion’s Population Health Management Solutions

How can I orchestrate a better patient journey?

A patient’s health journey is dynamic and so are the factors influencing their outcomes. The CORE provides a holistic view of the factors driving a patient’s journey and connects them to specific actions your clinicians and care navigators can take. Whether that’s identifying patients who would benefit from virtual care, or undiagnosed populations that would benefit from proactive education and care planning, or those likely to miss an appointment — Jvion can help orchestrate the right journey for your patients.

Jvion’s Cost and Utilization Management Solutions

How can I optimize utilization and contain costs?

The CORE combines clinical, socioeconomic and other data sources to identify hidden risks that will drive what is often inappropriate utilization and costs. Armed with these insights, providers and payers can help direct patients to the right care setting before an acute event takes place. We can predict utilization independent of the patient’s clinical condition and proactively guide patients to the most appropriate care setting.

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