The CORE Helps a Health Plan Member Avoid UTIs and Sepsis

A health plan case manager shared her experience helping a member avoid sepsis with the guidance of the Jvion CORE™

I checked into the Jvion portal and saw that one of our members was at high risk for community-acquired sepsis. She was 59 with a history of hypertension, osteoarthritis of the right knee with a joint replacement, hypokalemia, edema and pulmonary hypertension. The CORE identified that she was likely to have poor health literacy, and recommended education on how to prevent infection, with teach-back to reinforce what she had learned.

In our initial conversation, the woman shared that she had frequent urinary tract infections (UTI) in the past and was currently experiencing symptoms of a UTI.
We talked about her symptoms, how she could manage those symptoms, and when she should seek help. I then asked the member about her hygiene practices and educated her on strategies to prevent UTIs, including proper perineal care and hand washing. Thanks to the CORE’s recommendations, we could prioritize this effective conversation and the member learned how to avoid a dangerous case of sepsis.

Through member interactions like these, a national health plan found they could save $7.5 million a year in avoided sepsis events.

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