Harm Prevention
Ambulatory Care Sensitive Vectors

Primary Prevention

Because Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine is extendable and industrialized to all aspects of an individual’s health, it can pin point risks like diabetes complications and congestive heart failure so that primary prevention can be applied. And it delivers the recommended care actions that will most effectively reduce the risk of an associated and avoidable admission through the targeted and effective application of ambulatory based interventions.

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Cognitive Machine Driven Primary Care for Chronic Disease and Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions

There are two trends that have the potential to completely change healthcare in the US:
The movement of more care activities into outpatient / ambulatory settings
The exponential rise of chronic conditions
At the convergence of these two trends is a system tasked with controlling costs while improving health outcomes.

While chronic conditions account for more than 86% of all healthcare dollars, these are also some of the most preventable and effectively controlled illnesses. But current technology isn't equipped to provide the insights needed to stop complications and target care activities that will help better manage patients with chronic conditions and drive more effective clinical action.
Jvion's Cognitive Clinical Success Machine helps providers target rising-risk patients and reduce complications related to chronic diseases. The machine is finely tuned to ambulatory care sensitive vectors to help providers identify the right activities that will help stop rising risk earlier and more effectively. It does this by delivering a holistic patient view that understands the risk of target medical events within the context of the patient, his/her environment, and the thousands of external factors that influence health.
The machine, which is based on a hyper-dimensional platform, makes more than a quadrillion clinical and non-clinical considerations for each patient continuously. The resulting view into patient risk and the actions that will reduce that risk are more comprehensive and clinically relevant that anything other solution.

With the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine, providers are able to stop:
  • Asthma complications
  • Diabetes complications with the likelihood of admission
  • Avoidable admissions for other chronic conditions including heart disease, obesity, and allergies
  • Heart attacks
  • CHF deterioration
  • Rising-risk patients with the likelihood of becoming high-risk
And providers have the actions and recommendations needed to:
  • Prevent diabetes related complications and deterioration
  • Avoid preventable admissions due to chronic disease-related complications
  • Lower the cost of care for patients with chronic conditions including asthma, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and allergies
  • Prevent rising-risk patients from becoming high-risk
Nearly 66% of all adult discharges from community-based hospitals have multiple chronic conditions.
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