Harm Prevention

The Jvion Machine's Behavioral Health Vectors

Mental health readmission

With Jvion’s Mental Health Readmission Vector, providers can identify those patients who upon admission to the hospital are at risk for a mental health-related readmission to a psych unit or psychiatric facility within the next 30 days following discharge. This vector provides clinicians with the individualized recommended interventions tailored to each patient’s clinical and socioeconomic risk factors. These may include actions such as: the receipt of appropriate inpatient interventions; an increase in access to community resources prior to discharge; education that is delivered and received as it relates to managing their condition upon discharge and to prevent future admissions; and increased patient and family engagement.

Opioid Abuse

Jvion’s Opioid Abuse Vector helps tackle the growing problem of opioid abuse by determining the likelihood that a patient will develop an opioid addiction within the next six months regardless of their current or previous opioid use. Clinicians are able to view patient-level risk outputs, which include the contributing clinical and socioeconomic risk factors that are driving the addiction risk. The machine also takes into account all patients across a population because more than 30% of opioid abuse starts with heroin, not prescription pain killers. This approach reduces the likelihood of missing a patient who has is at risk of opioid abuse but who has not had an opioid prescription in the past. The vector also generates individualized recommended interventions to help personalize clinical actions so that they are most effective at driving down risk while also promoting patient engagement.


Jvion’s Suicide Risk Vector predicts which patients are at risk for having an emergency department or inpatient visit due to self-harm, suicidal ideation, suicide attempt or suicide within the next six months. The machine is able to focus on self-harm and suicide risk and can identify risks that might otherwise go undetected. This vector empowers clinicians with the individualized recommended interventions that include more focused screening and matching patients with the most effective mental health resources.
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