Harm Prevention

Improving the Patient Experience with Cognitive Science

CMS, along with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) developed the HCAPS survey to assess a patient’s experience and perspectives on hospital care. At a high level, the key levers included within the survey are communication, responsiveness, pain management, care transition and planning, hospital environment, and overall rating. But the challenge with the survey is that it is retrospective. By the time the hospital finds out about gaps in a patient’s experience, he or she has already been discharged.

To help providers proactively identify potential gaps in the patient experience, the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine is identifying patients at admission who have a high propensity of experiencing a gap in care. For example, the machine uses the complex Eigen Sphere topology within its Eigenspace platform to identify specific factors such as illiteracy that influence a patient’s care experience. It leverages all of the data and intelligence it has to flag these gaps in care and alert care givers to the possibility that a specific patient will have a poor experience across key levers such as communication. Providers are able to apply this intelligence to adjust the methods and resources used to support a patient such as medication labels that include pictures instead of written instructions. The ultimate goal and outcomes is to drive up patient engagement and adherence by addressing gaps in the patient experience, which translate into improved health and care quality.
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