Cognitive Impact

Patient Engagement and Experience

If you knew the potential gaps in care that will result in a poor experience, you would fill them. And if you knew which clinical actions would result in the highest levels of engagement, you would do them. Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine does both. It helps hospitals identify the gaps in care that will reduce patient satisfaction and the actions that will engender the highest levels of engagement. It provides a view from the patient’s perspective of the care delivered based on the clinical actions and support provided by the provider.

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Patient Engagement + Experience Deep Dive

Engaged Patients and The Cognitive Clinical Success Machine
Engaged Patients and The Cognitive Clinical Success Machine To determine a patient’s likelihood to engage with a specific clinical action or inte...
Improving the Patient Experience with Cognitive Science
Improving the Patient Experience with Cognitive Science CMS, along with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) developed the HCAPS...

Improved Patient Engagement and Experience Driven by Cognitive Machines

There is an established link between improved health outcomes and active patient engagement with care decision and plan development. The importance of patient engagement and experience are the foundation of the move to a “patient-centered” care system, which ensures that the patient’s needs and values serve as guideposts for care delivery and decision making. Standardizing and measuring patient experience and engagement have become core components to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS’s) drive to quality-based care. This includes the development and implementation of the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey to collect and analyze a patient’s perception of his or her hospital experience.
The Cognitive Clinical Success Machine is equipped to help providers drive patient engagement and address gaps in the patient experience including the contributing factors that influence these critical aspects of care effectiveness.
Learn how Jvion's Learn how hospitals across the country are using Jvion's Cognitive Clinical Success Machine to stop patient illness, improve intervention effectiveness, and drive toward value-based models of care and reimbursement.
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