Harm Prevention


Providers use the Jvion Machine to reduce the full-spectrum of patient readmission events. It looks far beyond simple risk to the tens-of-thousands of factors that impact why a person will return to the hospital. The solution determines who is at risk of an avoidable readmission, why they are at risk, and the personalized interventions that will lower the risk of a readmission event and improve clinical outcomes. The Jvion Machine does this for all-cause and disease specific readmissions across 30-60-90 days.

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Readmission Reduction with Prescriptive Analytics for Preventable Harm

Readmission events are not isolated. They are the result of a confluence of factors, many of which are exogenous to the patient and his/her clinical care. Things like access to a pharmacy, access to a car, having food in the pantry. All of these external elements impact if, when, and why a patient is readmitted to the hospital.
The Jvion Machine looks at readmission events within all of the clinical and external context that drives risk. We don't view these events in isolation or as a separate moment within an episode of care. Instead, the machine accounts for the holistic patient and delivers a view into the future state of a patient's health including his/her risk of returning to the hospital. This view also includes action pathways that will reduce the likelihood of a readmission to help clinicians apply the most effective intervention based on the personalized needs of the patient.
This approach, and the engine driving it, deliver a highly precise view into who within a patient population is at risk and the exact actions to take. In a recent stress test, Jvion's machine correctly identified patients at high-risk of a readmission 96% of the time. This power is helping our clients drastically lower readmission rates and ensures that each patient is given the most effective intervention and support to drive the best possible outcome.
Learn how hospitals across the country are using the Jvion Machine to stop patient illness, improve intervention effectiveness, and drive toward value-based models of care and reimbursement.
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