JVION Leadership

Driving the Engine that Takes Smart and Makes It Brilliant

When it comes to driving innovation and value, having the right team matters

Jvion's leadership brings a passion for developing the tools and machines that leverage innovation to help providers care for their communities, patients, and organizations.
02 Shantanu Nigam

Shantanu Nigam

04 Ritesh Sharma

Ritesh Sharma

06 Surya Vadlamani

Surya Vadlamani

08 Chetan Patel

Chetan Patel

10 John Showalter

John Showalter, MD

Chief Product Officer
12 John Frownfelter

John Frownfelter, MD, FACP

Chief Medical Information Officer
14 Kristen Hagerman

Kristen Hagerman

Chief Nursing Officer
15 Noel Gartman

Noel Gartman

SVP, Corporate Development
16 Allison Kavanagh

Allison Kavanagh

SVP, Marketing
18 Brad Allen

Brad Allen

VP, Business Development
20 Rich Bares

Rich Bares

VP, Business Development
22 Nish Hartman

Nish Hartman

VP, Business Development
24 Michelle Maricic

Michelle Maricic

VP, Business Development
26 Jill Markwell

Jill Markwell

VP, Business Development
28 Nitin Nigam

Nitin Nigam

VP, Technology
30 Todd Schlesinger

Todd Schlesinger

VP, Business Development
32 Shelly Sharma

Shelly Sharma

VP, Program Management
34 Angela Shepherd

Angela Shepherd, RN

VP, Business Development
36 Bill Sims

Bill Sims

VP, Business Development
38 Ryan Brantley

Ryan Brantley

Director, Program Management
40 Laura Turner

Laura Turner

Director, Success Activation
42 Gary Showalter

Gary Showalter

Market Maker