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CareATC Logo

CareATC, a leading population health management company, selected Jvion’s Cognitive Machine to target individualized interventions that will help prevent patient deterioration. The adoption of Jvion’s solution is an extension of CareATC’s commitment to leverage groundbreaking technology. CareATC offers customized population health management solutions for employers that reduce healthcare costs by promoting health, preventing disease and providing a shorter path to care.

Washington State Hospital Association Logo

Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) selects Jvion to support statewide quality initiatives by providing analytics to reduce readmissions at the association's more than 100 hospitals. This partnership is expected to extend over the next year with the aim of tackling health equity and mortality/morbidity as part of the broader Washington state program.

2018 Microsoft US Partner Award Winner Logo

Jvion has been announced as the 2018 MSUS Partner Award Winner Industry – Health. This award recognizes outstanding work by Microsoft US (MSUS) partners. Jvion along with other award winners will be showcased during this year's Microsoft Inspire taking place July 15-19, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Intermountain Healthcare Logo

Intermountain Healthcare, a Utah-based, not-for-profit system of 22 hospitals, selected Jvion's cognitive machine as an enterprise Artificial Intelligence (AI) asset. The decision follows a successful seven-month pilot. 

The provider's initial focus will be on primary care enablement including avoidable admissions, risk of high-utilizers, and readmissions. Intermountain Healthcare's extended strategy will be to apply the Jvion machine across disease specific areas that have the greatest potential impact on patient health outcomes.

Geisinger Logo

Geisinger, a 13-hospital integrated delivery network serving more than 3 million residents across northeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey, selected Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine to drive care excellence, reduce avoidable complications, and prevent patient regression. Using the Cognitive Machine, Geisinger will work to lower rates of C. Difficile infections within the inpatient population, lower rates of COPD readmissions, and reduce avoidable admissions within the broader COPD patient population.

A preeminent nonprofit academic medical center based in the Midwest selected Jvion to support the organization’s goals of improving outcomes for patients at risk for readmission and exacerbations of chronic conditions. The machine will be used to positively impact 30-day readmissions and D5 diabetes metrics. Jvion was chosen specifically because of the Cognitive Machine’s advanced ability to leverage clinical data and social determinants of health in a way that leads to actionable and effective individualized recommendations. Please look for future press releases regarding project updates and details on the success of the program.

Memorial Health System Logo

Memorial Health System of Springfield, Illinois, a 500-bed hospital focused on delivering the highest quality care for the community and individual patients, selected Jvion’s Cognitive Machine to lower rates of adverse events and prevent health regression. Through an approach that spans the continuum of care, Memorial Health System will apply the cognitive machine to lower rates of readmissions, prevent inpatient sepsis, and intervene on patients who are on a trajectory toward an avoidable ER visit.

EvergreenHealth Logo

EvergreenHealth, a two-hospital system located in Washington State and rated one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals by Healthgrades, selected Jvion’s Cognitive Machine to more effectively impact patient outcomes, scale to meet the challenges of today and the future, and provide the support that EvergreenHealth caregivers need to better treat patients.

"The first three months of 2018 have culminated in an inflection point for Jvion. Marked by immense growth, strong financial performance, and solid investor backing, Q1 2018 is a demonstration of the strong differentiation exemplified by our solution and our team. In addition to the expanding compliment of vectors including opioid addiction, we completed a successful pilot at Intermountian Healthcare, expanded at Sentara, added MD Anderson and Baylor Scott & White to our roster of impressive clients, achieved phenomenal results at Unity Point, and won the Top Innovator award from the Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge. We are looking forward to increased momentum and continued market expansion as we build on these great accomplishments across 2018."

– Shantanu Nigam, CEO

Jvion Chief Product Officer John Showalter

Jvion’s cognitive machine leadership and expertise are highlighted in the latest issue of the peer-reviewed journal Management in Healthcare. Co-written by Jvion Chief Product Officer John Showalter, MD, the article “Turning artificial intelligence into impact: An action plan for providers” provides a detailed, practical guide for driving adoption and value from advanced AI solutions.

A prominent, University affiliated cancer center selected Jvion’s Cognitive Machine to lower rates of pressure injuries in a target segment of cancer patients. Jvion was chosen as part of this effort because of the Cognitive Machine’s ability to drive early detection and proper interventions that successfully reduce risk and improve patient health. Please look for forthcoming press regarding the machine’s performance and ability to empower clinicians with individualized, actionable insights that lower rates of pressure injuries and lead to better outcomes for cancer patients.

Sentara Logo

Sentara Healthcare, one of the largest health systems serving Virginia and North Carolina, extended its multi-year relationship with cognitive machine leader Jvion to address the critical care needs of the provider’s patient population.

“We are extremely excited to expand our relationship with Sentara and to bring Jvion’s proven cognitive machine capabilities to the full enterprise,” said Ritesh Sharma, COO for Jvion. “Through this relationship, we are helping Sentara improve care, lower cost, and better target effective interventions using the most advanced Artificial Intelligence engine available to healthcare.”

UMC Health System Logo

UMC Health System (UMC), which serves the West Texas and Eastern New Mexico region, selected Jvion’s Cognitive Machine to help achieve the provider’s goals of providing high quality care and achieving performance excellence. UMC will use Jvion’s infection bundle, which includes C.Diff along with other HAIs; community regression; pressure injury; and all-cause readmission vectors to drive improvements in patient health outcomes across care settings and the provider's Accountable Care Organization.

2018 Black Book Award Logo

Black Book Market Research named Jvion the 2018 Highest Client Satisfaction in Artificial Intelligence awardee. The recognition underscores the industry leadership of Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine and the impact that the machine's outputs are having on patient lives and provider operations. 

An estimated 6.7% of the U.S. population suffers from at least one major depressive episode each year. Unfortunately, only 35% of patients with severe symptoms see a mental health provider and approximately 20% receive care consistent with current guidelines. Jvion’s Major Depression Vector is designed to improve the rate at which patients with major depression are diagnosed and provided access to treatment from the best resources. The machine identifies the risk of a patient experiencing a major depressive episode within the next six months. This includes the medical and socioeconomic factors that are driving the individual’s risk. Recommendations are provided, which focus on screening, referrals, and overcoming individual barriers to treatment.

Southeast Alabama Medical Logo

“When Southeast Alabama Medical Center looked at the Jvion Cognitive Machine, we knew it was something special and something that could help us transform patient care. Within the first year of implementation, we went beyond our initial readmissions vector to include pressure injuries. Based on the great results and patient outcomes that we achieved, we are continuing to expand the application of the Jvion solution to other clinical challenges including inpatient sepsis. The machine and the team behind it, have become critical tools that are helping us to achieve our mission and focus on care excellence.”
-- Lara McCall RNBSN CCM, Director Case Management, Southeast Alabama Medical Center

Baylor Scott & White Health Logo

Baylor Scott & White Health is taking the next step in the system’s Artificial Intelligence journey with the incorporation of Jvion’s leading cognitive machine solution. “We typically pursue a ‘fast follower’ strategy when it comes to selecting advanced technologies to advance our pursuit of making healthcare the way it should be. We are excited by the opportunity to build on a platform like Jvion’s Cognitive Machine that brings together proven technology and powerful insights curated in partnership with other leading health systems,” said Tom Bowen Wright, VP Digital Innovation. “Our initial focus will be on empowering our clinicians with tools to make informed, timely decisions to reduce length of stay outliers; furthermore, we are excited by the broad potential for predictive analytics and prescriptive decision making tools to transform how we care for our patients and members.”

Suicide is a leading cause of death in all age groups; for individuals age 15-34 only unintended injury ranks higher. Between 1999 and 2014, the per capita rate of suicide increased 24%. More than 44,000 people died due to suicide in 2015. Jvion’s Suicide/Self-harm Vector helps tackle this growing problem by identifying those most at risk of having an emergency department or inpatient visit due to self-harm, suicidal ideation, suicide attempt, or suicide in the next six months. Recommendations focus on screening and matching patients with the most effective resources on an individual level.

Cardinal Health Logo

Cardinal Health selects Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine to improve the lives of oncology patients. The machine will be applied to the physician practices to drive care planning and delivery while reducing risk and aligning interventions based on patient engagement and effectiveness.

Carilion Clinic Logo

Roanoke, VA based Carillion Clinic uses Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine to lower all cause readmissions and reduce falls for the provider’s patient population. Carillion Clinic provides care to more than 1 million Virginians with the goals of improving health and reducing cost.

CarolinaEast Health System Logo

CarolinaEast, a 350 bed, multi-facility healthcare provider serving Coastal Carolina, chose Jvion to support the organization’s quality and patient health outcome goals. The firm’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine will be applied to reduce risk across the provider’s population both inside and outside the hospital.

George Hospital Association Logo

The Georgia Hospital Association, a non-profit trade organization representing GA health systems and hospitals, partners with Jvion to deliver advanced, comprehensive analytic capabilities to association member providers.

Q2 2017 Wrap-up

Cognitive Clinical Success Machine client acquisition announcements: Cleveland Clinic, Intermountain Health, TriHealth, and the continued collaboration with the Mayo Clinic to build out the Bedside Patient Rescue vector

Mayo Clinic Collaboration

Jvion announced the launch of the company’s latest cognitive machine clinical success vector Bedside Patient Rescue, which was developed in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic. Bedside Patient Rescue is designed to help providers reduce avoidable deaths and patient deterioration. The vector is the latest addition to the thousands of vectors currently enabled by Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine.

Jennie Stuart Medical Center (JSMC), an acute-care, not-for-profit community hospital serving the Kentucky area chooses Jvion’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine that relies on Embodied Cognition to Improve Care Delivery while Reducing Patient Suffering.

Southeast Alabama Medical Center, a not-for-profit community health system serving southeast Alabama, southwest Georgia and the Florida Panhandle chose Jvion's cognitive science solution to reduce readmissions, pressure ulcers, sepsis and SSI, and improve patient outcomes.

The Children's Hospital of San Antonio, catering to San Antonio's growing pediatric population will apply Jvion's predictive solutions to reduce patient suffering and provide the best quality of care to their pediatric population.

St. Vincent Charity Medical Center, an acute care teaching hospital sponsored by the Sisters of Charity Health System, and Mercy Medical Center, a ministry of the Sisters of Charity Health System and a 476-bed, acute care teaching hospital serving the Ohio area, recently selected Jvion as the system’s cognitive machine provider. Through the firm's clinical cognitive engine, the providers will receive predictions that will help improve patient health outcomes while optimizing cost and saving lives.

"Based on our initial analysis of a sample set of patients, Jvion’s Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) predictions are performing almost two times better than stress tests and 20% better than CT coronary angiograms in predicting AMI events in a low risk population within 12 months of discharge." - Dr. John Showalter, CHIO University of Mississippi Medical Center

Baycare Health Partners, a physician-hospital organization serving four Baystate Health hospitals, chooses Jvion to provide quality improvement support and resources and to help physicians manage patient populations through centralized functions.

Baystate Health, a not-for-profit, integrated health system serving communities across Western Massachusetts, extends their partnership with Jvion for the firm's predictive modeling and advanced analytics platform.

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