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Jvion’s John Showalter featured in Management in Healthcare

Jvion Chief Product Officer John Showalter

Jvion’s cognitive machine leadership and expertise are highlighted in the latest issue of the peer-reviewed journal Management in Healthcare. Co-written by Jvion Chief Product Officer John Showalter, MD, the article “Turning artificial intelligence into impact: An action plan for providers” provides a detailed, practical guide for driving adoption and value from advanced AI solutions.

Abstract: The shortcomings of predictive analytic solutions within healthcare are coming into focus. As a result, more providers are looking to artificial intelligence (AI)-based machines that more effectively and precisely identify patients at risk of an event and the actions that will reduce that risk. The challenge with these machines is adoption. And while use engagement has always been a barrier in technology implementation, the compelling event driving adoption is changing with the entry of AI machines focused on improving patient outcomes. Unlike the mandated projects of the past, these machines rely on an organization and individual’s drive to stop adverse events and improve quality outcomes. This paper examines the changing analytic landscape within healthcare through the University of Tennessee Medical Center’s own journey with the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine. It provides signposts for any provider looking to incorporate the power of cognitive machines into their organization. The authors outline the important considerations that should guide a provide while evaluating AI machine solutions, including the essential value levers that drive return on investment.

To read the full article, please visit Management in Healthcare