Jvion and Mozzaz Strike Strategic Partnership to Accelerate Value-Based Care and Improve Patient Outcomes

Mozzaz’s digital health platform will offer Jvion’s patient-level insights and recommendations to drive more effective and personalized care coordination and patient outreach.

ATLANTA – APRIL 29, 2021 – Jvion, a leader in clinical artificial intelligence (AI), today announced a key partnership with Mozzaz, a digital health & virtual care technology organization, to integrate Jvion’s prescriptive AI insights into the Mozzaz virtual care platform. The versatile Mozzaz platform combines remote patient monitoring, telehealth and virtual care solutions with integrated workflows between care teams and patients, where Jvion’s insights on modifiable clinical risk and social determinants of health (SDOH) can be most impactful. These insights enable more focused, personalized and effective patient engagement — critical to improving outcomes and driving success with value-based care.

It’s estimated that social determinants drive up to 80% of healthcare outcomes, yet the healthcare industry has long struggled to make SDOH data insightful and actionable. Social determinants became even more important following the pandemic, as the combined forces of social isolation, growing poverty and disparities in access to health resources took a toll on the nation’s health. What’s more, as many as 41% of patients deferred care to avoid contracting COVID-19, making it all the more important for payers and providers to re-engage patients before their health deteriorates further.

“The last year has been a challenging time for value-based care as patients withdrew from the healthcare system, making it difficult to identify and engage with patients at risk,” said Rini Gahir, CEO & co-founder of Mozzaz. “Our partnership with Jvion will help payers and providers overcome this challenge. While Jvion’s insights help care teams determine who, when and how they should engage, the Mozzaz platform provides them with the means to do so as a direct digital interface between patients and their care teams for personalized and actionable engagement.”

Upon integration with the Mozzaz virtual care platform, Jvion’s AI platform CORE™ will leverage thousands of data points per patient on socioeconomic, clinical and behavioral risk drivers to identify patients on a path to adverse outcomes related to a wide range of clinical conditions and chronic illnesses. In addition, Jvion will deliver recommendations for patient-centric interventions and engagement strategies to reduce their risk, optimizing clinical and case management resources.

“There are many platforms out there that claim to have AI or AI-enabled insights — but those are typically in the form of a score or index without any context, and most importantly, without clarity around what the best next steps are for each individual patient to ensure the best possible health outcome,” said Lizzy Feliciano, Chief Marketing Officer at Jvion. “Jvion does provide this context and guidance, and now through Mozzaz we can get it to the people coordinating and delivering care quickly and in the workflows they are already accustomed to managing.”

Payers using Jvion’s prescriptive insights have seen marked improvements in the efficiency of their care management efforts by focusing attention and resources on the patients whose outcomes can be changed with the right intervention. One national payer reported a 40-50% drop in the number of calls their care management teams had to make. What’s more, a recent analysis showed that the health plan could save $7.5 million per year in avoided sepsis events by applying Jvion’s insights.

About Jvion

Jvion, a leader in clinical artificial intelligence, enables providers, payers and other healthcare entities to identify and prevent avoidable patient harm, utilization and costs. An industry first, the Jvion CORE™ goes beyond predictive analytics and machine learning to identify patients on a trajectory to becoming high-risk. Jvion then determines the interventions that will more effectively reduce risk and enable clinical and operational action. The CORE accelerates time to value by leveraging established patient-level intelligence to drive engagement across healthcare organizations, populations, and individuals. To date, the Jvion CORE has been deployed across hundreds of clients and resulted in millions saved. For more information, visit https://www.jvion.com.

About Mozzaz

Mozzaz delivers virtual care solutions for personalized engagement and remote patient management. With Mozzaz Adaptive Intervention Modeler (AIM™) technology, healthcare organizations can deliver personalized virtual models-of-care including: digital care plans, interventions, education, data-driven interactions, advanced machine learning for predictive and personalized experiences. The Mozzaz platform allows healthcare organizations to model clinical programs based on unique workflows from a single engagement platform. Mozzaz is built on the trusted Microsoft Azure Cloud for enterprise-ready digital health. Visit our website.

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