Jvion Collaborates with Augusta University Health to Launch AI-Powered COVID-19 Back-to-Work Assessment

As Georgia and other states begin to reopen, Augusta University Health will offer a tool to help local businesses return to work safely

Atlanta, GA – May 7, 2020Jvion, a leading provider of clinical AI, today announced that it has launched a first-of-its-kind online COVID-19 back-to-work assessment, in collaboration with Georgia-based Augusta University Health System (AUHS). The initial assessment will be used by employers in the Augusta, Georgia area, but the solution is ready to scale nationally for employers, health systems and government agencies. The AI-enabled survey combines self-reported employee information, including answers to CDC-identified COVID-19 symptom questions, and pairs it with Jvion’s AI algorithms to identify employee risk for exposure and infection and provide personalized back-to-work guidance.

Jvion’s proven AI technology was coupled with the expert knowledge of a Medical College of Georgia physician panel to produce an accessible yet sophisticated solution intended to safely get the country back to work. “We’ve been focused on caring for those affected by COVID-19, but now we must shift to thinking about reopening safely,” said AUHS CEO Katrina Keefer. “I know other business leaders join me in wanting to assure that we reopen in a manner that uses every tool at our disposal. We’re proud to leverage Jvion’s clinically-focused data science and the clinical expertise of our great physicians within the Medical College of Georgia to help keep higher-risk workers at home, ensure vulnerable employees remain out of harm’s way, and provide assurance that workers can more fully participate without fear when they reenter the workplace.”

The back-to-work assessment comes as businesses prepare to reopen, after over a month of shutdowns have inflicted acute economic pain upon millions of families. Employers have a legal and social responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees, and as cases plateau, they must remain vigilant to protect their employees from infection. Some individuals are more likely to spread the virus for a longer time than others, so identifying these individuals will keep everyone safer. Jvion’s back-to-work assessment also helps build trust between employers, their workforce and their customers by instilling confidence that proactive measures are being taken to mitigate exposure and infection.

The assessment showcases the ability of Jvion’s AI to pivot to any patient situation quickly. Using the Jvion CORE™ (Care Optimization and Recommendation Enhancement), anonymous clinical data from 30 million Americans is combined with social determinants of health data to develop a questionnaire for employers to distribute to their employees. The joining of employee responses with intelligence from the CORE™ produces one of three return-to-work dispositions: cleared to return, medical clearance required, or cannot return to work. Details behind the disposition are shared directly with the employee to maintain privacy. Employers may choose to receive a report of the disposition without details.

“As states begin reopening and employers plan to bring employees back, we’re proud to apply the lessons we’ve learned over the last decade to inform their strategies and keep employees safe,” said Jvion CEO Jay Deady. “We all want things to return to normal, but we need to be extremely careful not to trigger a second wave of infections when businesses reopen. The Jvion CORE has demonstrated value in identifying individual and community level risks and will be a valuable tool for helping healthcare and other employers make that transition as safely as possible.”

The back-to-work assessment has been rigorously validated by teams of data scientists and builds on the success of the Jvion CORE™, which has helped over 300 hospitals reduce preventable harm incidents by an average of 30%. The survey questions are informed by the latest COVID-19 symptoms identified by the CDC and validated by a panel of medical experts within the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University. The Jvion CORE™ is HIPAA compliant and HITRUST CSF certified, reflecting Jvion’s commitment to information security and patient privacy.

The back-to-work assessment is part of the Employer Recovery Package, the latest offering in Jvion’s COVID Response Suite. To learn more about the COVID Response Suite, visit jvion.com/jvionclinicalai.

About Jvion

Jvion enables healthcare organizations to prevent avoidable patient harm and lower costs through its clinical AI solution. An industry first, the Jvion CORE goes beyond simple predictive analytics and machine learning to identify patients on a trajectory to becoming high risk and for whom intervention will likely be successful. Jvion determines the interventions that will more effectively reduce risk and enable clinical action. And it accelerates time to value by leveraging established patient-level intelligence to drive engagement across hospitals, populations, and patients. To date, the Jvion CORE has been deployed to nearly 50 health systems and 300 hospitals, who report average reductions of 30% for preventable harm incidents and annual cost savings of $6.3 million. For more information, visit www.jvion.com.


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