Jvion Partners with Community Health Network to Mitigate Impact of Deferred Care

The Indianapolis-based healthcare system will use Jvion’s prescriptive clinical AI CORE™ to drive proactive outreach to at-risk ACO members who deferred care during the pandemic.

FEBRUARY 03, 2021Jvion, a leader in clinical artificial intelligence (AI), today announced that Community Health Network, an integrated health system with over 200 sites of care and affiliates throughout Central Indiana, will leverage Jvion’s prescriptive clinical AI CORE to target outreach to Accountable Care Organization (ACO) members who are likely to suffer negative health outcomes as a result of deferring care during the pandemic. The CORE’s recommendations will help Care Navigators direct the right interventions at the right time to prevent vulnerable patients from experiencing a negative health event.

At least 41% of U.S. adults have delayed or avoided necessary medical care to prevent infection from COVID-19. Without proactive interventions, many patients who deferred care will deteriorate to more advanced disease states, end up admitted to the hospital, or develop new diseases that go undetected in their early stages, demanding more costly care in the future. All told, deferred care could increase annual U.S. healthcare costs by $30-65 billion.

“As a value-based care provider, one of our biggest priorities in recovering from the pandemic is to prevent patients who deferred care from suffering worse outcomes as a result,” said Dr. Patrick McGill, MD, Executive Vice President and Chief Analytics Officer at Community Health Network. “But knowing which patients are at risk of deteriorating isn’t always easy. Jvion’s prescriptive AI will give us the insights to prioritize our patient outreach so we can achieve our goal of preventing avoidable patient harm.”

Unlike most predictive analytics tools, the CORE accounts for social determinants of health and lifestyle factors to reveal hidden patient risk. The CORE also determines whether that risk can be modified, and recommends the interventions and outreach channels most likely to be effective in reducing risk. These insights enable care teams to focus their resources on proactively re-engaging patients who deferred care, preventing costly hospitalizations and directing patients to more appropriate settings of care.

“Deferred care will be a major challenge for health systems as they look to rebound financially from the pandemic, especially for value-based systems,” said Dr. John Frownfelter, MD, FACP, Chief Medical Officer at Jvion. “However, timely interventions can prevent costly utilization events that stem from deferred care. We’re proud to partner with Community Health Network to tackle deferred care, reduce costs and improve health.”

Jvion has launched several initiatives to support health systems’ financial recovery from the pandemic. Most recently, Jvion launched a Vaccination Prioritization Index (VPI), as part of its COVID Community Vulnerability Map, that ranks communities and individuals by their vulnerability to COVID-19 and their priority level for vaccination, based on CDC guidelines and socioeconomic factors. Jvion also has solutions that address uncompensated care, another major financial challenge for health systems after more than 14.6 million Americans lost their employer-sponsored health insurance last year.

About Jvion

Jvion, a leader in clinical artificial intelligence, enables providers, payers and other healthcare entities to identify and prevent avoidable patient harm, utilization and costs. An industry first, the Jvion CORE™ goes beyond predictive analytics and machine learning to identify patients on a trajectory to becoming high-risk. Jvion then determines the interventions that will more effectively reduce risk and enable clinical and operational action. The CORE accelerates time to value by leveraging established patient-level intelligence to drive engagement across healthcare organizations, populations, and individuals. To date, the Jvion CORE has been deployed across hundreds of clients and resulted in millions saved. For more information, visit https://www.jvion.com.

About Community Health Network

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Community Health Network has been deeply committed to the communities it serves since opening its first hospital, Community Hospital East, in 1956. Community Health Network puts patients first while offering a full continuum of healthcare services, world-class innovations and a new focus on population health management. Exceptional care, simply delivered, is what sets Community Health Network apart and what makes it a leading not-for-profit healthcare destination in central Indiana. For more information about Community Health Network, please visit eCommunity.com.

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