KLAS Healthcare AI 2019 Report Identifies Jvion as a Top Performer in Healthcare-focused AI

Jvion featured as having the largest client base in the healthcare AI market; 95% of Jvion clients said they would buy again with Jvion being part of their long-term plans

Atlanta, GA, November 8, 2019 – AI for preventable harm analytics leader Jvion today announced that Jvion was included in the latest KLAS report “Healthcare AI 2019 – Actualizing the Potential of AI”, which provides a “tip of the spear” analysis of the healthcare AI market. As the market leader and the only healthcare-focused AI company with enough clients to complete a full KLAS analysis, Jvion was featured as having “by far the largest client base in the healthcare AI market,” and as having “the largest offering of prebuilt healthcare content for machine learning models/vectors.” Jvion is also proud to share that 95% of its clients said they would buy from Jvion again and that Jvion was part of their long-term plans.

Jvion was identified as the only validated vendor in this space, citing that KLAS was able to interview a larger number of customers, making Jvion the only fully rated vendor meeting the required customer threshold for this report. All other vendors, which included large, global companies, had fewer validated use cases. KLAS validated Jvion for diverse types of clinical and operational use cases, citing that “this puts Jvion at the top of measured vendors in terms of number of validated use cases and number of unique use cases,” and adds that “Jvion’s solution takes results from predictive models and provides prescriptive guidance for how to use that data.” KLAS also reported that 95% of Jvion’s clients responded yes to “would you buy again” and “part of long term plans.”

As summarized in FierceHealthcare, healthcare providers profiled in the report cited early success with clinical outcomes such as reducing readmissions and detecting sepsis risk. One healthcare senior vice president and CMIO said using AI software from Jvion has helped the organization reduce readmissions through the identification of patients more likely to be admitted with an accuracy of 80% to 90%.

As part of the report, Jvion customers also shared:

  1. ”Jvion is very focused on the clinical processes of care and making sure that we use AI to inform the clinicians and to augment what they do. That is Jvion’s main goal, and that results in better financial outcomes.”
  2. “Jvion is a fantastic partner. I thoroughly enjoy working with them. They are willing to partner and show some of their secret sauce. They want to be with us on every step of the way. They want to be a guide. That is one of the strongest components of our relationship. The vendor is fantastic at helping us be successful.”

Jvion has also been proactively addressing feedback on improvements, highlighted in the reported customer interviews, iteratively introducing them over the past 6 months, including

  • Proactively hiring additional clinical adoption consultants to address the change management and adoption needs specific to AI and healthcare;
  • Refining the ROI reporting through dedicated teams focused on the communication process at three levels- technical, clinical, and executive-level reporting
  • Providing more frequent Jvion user group meetings and training opportunities to leverage AI community learning and best practices.

“As a trailblazer in this complex market, Jvion knows firsthand that being the innovator enables the way to better outcomes, care and support for patients, but it also comes with discovering and tackling things for the very first time,” shared Niki Ozment Buchanan, Jvion’s newly appointed SVP of Customer Success. “Jvion has always looked at these challenges as a privilege and opportunity to learn, adapt and optimize our solutions, approach and support for our customers. This is why I am excited to take customer success to the next level as we continue to partner with providers.”

With over 50% of provider organizations saying they are deployed, implementing or looking to buy a Purpose-built AI vendor solution, based on CHIME’s 2019 HealthCare’s Most Wired Report on AI Adoption based on responses from 483 provider organizations, the Healthcare AI 2019 report from KLAS provides much-needed analysis and guidance to equip providers to adopt AI for patient and provider success.

“The most exciting insight from our research is that artificial intelligence has truly begun to make a difference in healthcare. It’s not all just smoke,” Ryan Pretnik, director of research and strategy at KLAS and co-author of the study, shared with FierceHealthcare. “Artificial intelligence is driving outcomes, saving patient lives, and driving operational and financial efficiencies for providers and payers.”

“This is a great testament to the potential of Jvion’s AI approach for preventing harm while saving costs. It comes from many years of working hand in hand with some very forward-thinking healthcare organizations, helping us gain the experience needed to solve very complex healthcare problems,” adds Shantanu Nigan, co-founder and CEO of Jvion. ”Our client base today represents many of the best hospitals in North America and their continued support of Jvion as we collectively learn how to leverage the power of AI in healthcare is inspiring, driving us to continually strengthen our AI solution.”

The KLAS report was based on interviews with IT leaders at 57 organizations – CIOs, CMIOs, data scientists and more – that are using AI across a variety of different cases, from clinical decision support to patient engagement to revenue cycle management. As part of this process, participants were asked to discuss some tangible gains realized through the technology.

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Jvion delivers healthcare’s only AI-driven prescriptive analytics for preventable harm solution. By using Eigen-based technology, the machine does what simple predictive analytics or machine learning models cannot. It goes beyond high-risk patient populations to identify those on a trajectory to becoming high risk. Jvion determines the interventions that will more effectively reduce risk and enable clinical action. And it accelerates time to value by leveraging established patient-level intelligence to drive engagement across hospitals, populations, and patients. For more information, visit www.jvion.com.

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