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How AI is Improving Care Delivery

  • John Showalter, MD, MSIS

How do search engines know what you're looking for, even if you misspell or leave a word out? And what does this mean for healthcare? In a new article for Clinical Research News, Jvion CPO Dr. John Showalter explains how lessons from search engine technology can be applied to improve the EHR experience.

Jvion's Chief Product Officer Dr. John Showalter's recent article highlighting the potential impact of AI on veterans' health was published in GCN magazine--a leading publication for the public sector. In addition to providing possible areas for AI application, Dr. Showalter explains how AI can improve care immediately, predict future health care needs, and determine the best way to prevent illness and deterioration.

Jvion’s Effectiveness Score Index (ESI) approach is helping providers make sense of the complex predictive solution landscape that has erupted across the healthcare industry. In a landscape in which many healthcare vendors claim to have a predictive solution, cognitive science leader Jvion is working to clear the noise. During a recent presentation, Jvion data science leaders introduced the idea of the Effectiveness Score Index (ESI) to help illustrate and mitigate the accuracy fallacy inherent to many of the predictive solutions on the market.

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Five judges chose Nigam's business proposal over four other finalists in Mayo Clinic's Think Big Challenge, a "Shark Tank"-like startup competition. Nigam gave his final pitch to a laid-back, tech-connected crowd gathered in the Mayo Civic Center for Mayo Clinic's Transform 2016 conference. He won a $50,000 cash prize plus the right to license Mayo Clinic's Bedside Patient Rescue technology.

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Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, has teamed with a number of technology firms to build a unique job-training program for military veterans. Through the collaboration, more than a dozen veterans have been placed in information technology jobs throughout the Chicago region.

University of Mississippi Medical Center CIO John Showalter and Jvion, a data analytics company, were honored today at the CHIME15 Fall CIO Forum for a collaboration aimed at improving care for heart failure patients.

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2015 Black Book Award Logo

Black Book™ surveyed 1,191 hospital Chief Financial Officers, Vice Presidents of Finance, Controllers and Directors, to determine the top performing vendors among in-demand financial software, systems and outsourcing services, and assess the gaps and urgencies of hospital financial administration. The highest ranked vendors in customer satisfaction and client experience are announced in twenty-four financial solution functionalities and systems.

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