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Baptist Health Montgomery Celebrates Four Years of AI Success

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Baptist Health Montgomery is celebrating four years of success using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve quality and safety, and decrease cost. The system’s AI Asset—Jvion’s Cognitive Machine—has helped prevent readmissions, improve outcomes, and maintain the health of Baptist Health’s employee population. Since its initial implementation, the solution has delivered tremendous financial and operational value.

Baptist Health’s journey with AI started when the provider was looking for a readmission solution to better target at-risk patients and enhance prevention efforts. After evaluating incumbent tools and the readmission predictive capabilities within the system’s EHR, they looked to Jvion and the company’s AI capabilities. Because of the Cognitive Machine’s patient-level insights, flexibility, and scalability, Baptist Health signed onto Jvion in 2015.

“Jvion’s Cognitive Machine presented us with much more than a single use-case predictive tool,” said Kelly Benson, Director of Community Care Management for the Baptist Health Center for WellBeing. “What we have is a true enterprise AI asset that we can point to multiple problems across our system and patient population. Building on our success with all-cause readmissions, we expanded the use of the Cognitive Machine. Our goal is to realize its full potential by applying the machine to other areas of clinical need including disease-specific readmissions and employee health regression.”

Baptist Health is currently applying the Cognitive Machine to CHF, sepsis, COPD, pneumonia, and AMI readmissions as well as employees who are at risk of a major health event. Operationally, the Cognitive Machine has helped better target resources and consolidate Baptist Health’s technology landscape. Point solutions, like the one used by clinicians to identify high-risk diabetes patients, have been retired because they were redundant and/or inferior to the Jvion machine. This outcome has reduced demands on IT support and ongoing financial and operational investment. And because the machine works as the provider’s AI asset, Baptist Health is empowered with a solution that can adapt to new demands and patient needs now and into the future.

“The best way to lower the cost of care is to drive individualized prevention and effective interventions early instead of just having a predictive solution that gives only risk information,” said Benson. “By knowing who is at risk, whose trajectory we can change, and how to change it, we have the critical pieces of information that will ensure the health of our population and our system over the long-term.”

About Jvion

Jvion delivers healthcare’s only Cognitive Clinical Success Machine. Using Eigen-based technology, the machine does what simple predictive analytics or machine learning models cannot. It goes beyond high-risk patient populations to identify those on a trajectory to becoming high risk. It determines the interventions that will more effectively reduce risk and enable clinical action. And it accelerates time to value by leveraging established Eigen Spheres to drive intelligence across hospitals, populations, and patients. Stop being predictive. Start being cognitive.