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Jvion Announces Switch of the Company’s Leading AI Cognitive Machine to Microsoft Azure

One of the leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cognitive Machine companies, Jvion, announced the move of its business and solution to Microsoft Azure. The change represents the next step in Jvion’s journey and a strategic decision designed to help ensure the scalability, flexibility, and speed of Jvion’s Cognitive Machine—one of healthcare’s leading AI solutions.

“The decision to move off Amazon AWS and onto Microsoft Azure was really a no brainer for us,” said Ritesh Sharma, Jvion’s COO. “Azure offers us the safety and reliability that healthcare customers demand while maintaining the flexibility that they need to define their own path to the cloud. With Microsoft, our clients gain access to a unified programming model, identity model, security model, and management model for both on-premise and cloud implementations.”

A key aspect of Jvion’s core differentiation is the ability to implement the company’s Cognitive Machine without the risk to revenue and performance associated with typical predictive model builds. The machine has the flexibly to start firing patient-specific risk and intervention outputs across multiple target clinical areas and populations with the fastest path to ROI. Azure delivers the complementary capabilities that help amplify Jvion’s differentiation and scale to meet projected demand.

“Health and life science companies require a trusted cloud service partner with a business model that doesn’t compete with their customers,” said Chris Sakalosky, Vice President of Microsoft US Health & Life Sciences. “Together, we are creating the next generation of AI-powered solutions at the scale required to transform entire companies. Jvion’s decision to choose Microsoft Azure as their trusted platform to make AI accessible everywhere for everyone in the health industry exemplifies our collaboration and dedication to Health and the democratization of AI.” 

With the AI health market set to explode over the next five years, Jvion is well positioned through the company’s collaboration with Microsoft. The biggest industry bets are on solutions aimed at improving patient outcomes, reducing healthcare costs and reducing time-to-market in drug discovery. This traction is driven in part by a shifting industry business model that is transitioning from historic and evidence-based care to real-time, outcome-based care enabled by a preventative care model.

“We’ve watched Microsoft make huge investments in its cloud platform and that work is paying off,” said Sharma. “What Microsoft brings to healthcare is the ability to drive value from the data that providers have today while delivering the flexibility and approach that will drive value and performance into the future. This relationship and our move to Azure reflect the shared trust and commitment that our organizations have to empowering healthcare organizations and ultimately improving the way care is delivered.”

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About Jvion

Jvion delivers healthcare’s only Cognitive Clinical Success Machine. Using Eigen-based technology, the machine does what simple predictive analytics or machine learning models cannot. It goes beyond high-risk patient populations to identify those on a trajectory to becoming high risk. It determines the interventions that will more effectively reduce risk and enable clinical action. And it accelerates time to value by leveraging established Eigen Spheres to drive intelligence across hospitals, populations, and patients. Stop being predictive. Start being cognitive.