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Jvion Named Number 1 Predictive Provider in Analytics by Black Book Market Research

2015 Black Book Award Logo

Jvion, the leading provider of healthcare predictive analytic solutions, was named number one predictive provider in analytics by Black Book Market Research. Rankings are derived through a rigorous process that includes the perceptions and inputs from more than 2,200 hospital executives.

Atlanta, GA, October 6, 2015 -- Jvion, the leading software provider for healthcare predictive analytic solutions, was named the number one predictive provider in analytics by Black Book Market Research. Beating out a number of established and large market players, Jvion was recognized as part of the 2015 Healthcare Financial Solutions Top Honors. Findings from the five-month survey of hospital financial and IT executives revealed that Jvion ranked first across all other predictive analytic providers serving the healthcare industry.

“This recognition is the result of our team’s hard work and dedication to patient-centered care. We focus on building the best predictive engine that can quickly produce results on the ground for a provider. Being named top predictive provider by Black Book Market Research is a great honor and a reflection of our commitment to saving lives,” said Shantanu Nigam, CEO for Jvion.

To access the full press release, click here.

The survey also found that: 

  • Lower performing hospitals are lagging in their investment in technology that will support value-based models
  • More struggling hospitals are starting to focus on population health, analytics, physician practice acquisition/recruitment, and patient engagement
  • 89% of hospitals performing at margins are working to transform their revenue cycles including investment in data visualization, analytics, population health, physician portals, patient engagement technology, and acquisitions

“Predictive analytics play an important role in the enablement of value based models and quality health outcomes. We expect to see greater investment in predictive technologies by providers across the healthcare ecosystem as Boards and C-suite leadership are incorporating predictive technologies into their budgets and strategic priorities,” said Nigam.

About Jvion 

Jvion is a healthcare technology company that develops software designed to predict and prevent patient-level disease and financial losses leading to increased waste. The company offers a suite of big-data enabled solutions that combine clinical intelligence with deep machine learning to help healthcare organizations protect their revenues while improving health outcomes. Jvion’s objective is simple—stop the waste of resources and lives by predicting and stopping losses before they ever happen. For more information on Jvion’s suite of predictive analytic solutions, please visit https://jvion.com.