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Jvion Releases Mobile App

Extending the success of the firm’s Cognitive Clinical Success Machine, Jvion released a mobile application. The app, which is enabled for all iOS and Android platforms, provides a simple, organized tool to help providers access accurate patient-level predictions and interventions from anywhere at any time.

Atlanta, GA, November 2, 2015 -- Atlanta-based clinical predictive analytic software provider Jvion announced the release of the RevEgis mobile application. This app extends the power of the RevEgis predictive platform to all Android and iOS mobile devices to deliver patient-level predictions anywhere and at any time.

The fully integrated mobile application sends patient risk notifications directly to a clinician’s mobile device and provides immediate notification of changes to a patient’s risk level. The full, active hospital census at high risk of a selected condition or illness is accessible through the app. A clinician can quickly and easily identify at risk patients and the most effective interventions, all of which are enabled by the RevEgis patient phenotype platform – the most powerful and accurate predictive engine available in the market. Customization and easy to access reporting functionality deliver a tailored user experience and drive the most effective analytic insights. And predictions are rendered through an easy to use layout so that clinicians can quickly determine the best care path to avoid patient deterioration and complications.

“The RevEgis mobile app is the next step in the evolution of our predictive software,” said Ritesh Sharma, Jvion’s COO. “By delivering patient level predictions directly into the hands of clinicians, we are helping ensure that at-risk patients get the interventions they need to improve health outcomes and avoid complications.”

For more information on the RevEgis mobile app, click here.

About Jvion 

Jvion is a healthcare technology company that develops software designed to predict and prevent patient-level disease and financial losses leading to increased waste. The company offers a suite of big-data enabled solutions that combine clinical intelligence with deep machine learning to help healthcare organizations protect their revenues while improving health outcomes. Jvion’s objective is simple—stop the waste of resources and lives by predicting and stopping losses before they happen. For more information on Jvion’s suite of predictive analytic solutions, please visit https://jvion.com.