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Onslow Memorial Hospital Applies AI to Improve the Patient Experience

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Onslow Memorial Hospital stands as a clear example that even a small hospital can do amazing things with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The hospital has been an industry leader in the application of AI to fill the clinical and operational needs left unaddressed by traditional EHRs and predictive tools. It came as no surprise that when the 162-bed Coastal Carolina facility wanted to tackle the complex issue of patient experience, they looked to Jvion’s Cognitive AI Machine. This extension to patient experience builds on the provider’s history of success using the machine to lower rates of readmissions, patient regression, pressure injury, and ACO population risk propensities.

Now, Onslow Memorial Hospital is able to proactively identify and address potential gaps in the patient experience to drive up patient satisfaction, improve communication, and ensure better quality care. What they achieved in the short time that the solution has been live has helped not only improve quality scores; it has uncovered new opportunities for improvement and helped better target resources so that patient needs and expectations are met.

The way a patient experiences care is broadly recognized as a critical element to care quality. Since 2001, the idea of patient-centered care has become a core tenant in healthcare transformation and improved outcomes. This is exemplified by the codification of patient experience through measurement tools including the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS).

“The clinical drivers behind improved patient care experience is well documented,” said Erin Tallman, SVP Patient Advocacy Officer for Onslow Memorial Hospital. “Patient experience is really about ensuring the best possible environment for care and successful patient outcomes. By knowing where there are potential gaps in an individual patient’s experience and knowing what to do about those gaps, we are enriching the way we think about prevention, engagement, and quality.”

Following the initial launch of the program, OMH has realized improvements across all but one of the target HCAHPS areas. And physician communication, which was a major focus at the launch of the program, improved by more than 13 percent. Moreover, OMH has been able to focus resources and define new ways to ensure quietness—the one dimension that did not show significant improvement.

“Using our enterprise AI asset to improve the patient experience really demonstrates how critical AI has become to care quality regardless of the size of the provider,” said Penney Burlingame-Deal, CEO for Onslow Memorial Hospital. “The scalability of Jvion’s Cognitive Machine to help us across a broad spectrum of clinical challenges is one of the main drivers behind our success with AI. The Cognitive Machine is turning the data that we have into real clinical value and that is a game changer in healthcare.”

About Jvion

Jvion delivers healthcare’s only Cognitive Clinical Success Machine. Using Eigen-based technology, the machine does what simple predictive analytics or machine learning models cannot. It goes beyond high-risk patient populations to identify those on a trajectory to becoming high risk. It determines the interventions that will more effectively reduce risk and enable clinical action. And it accelerates time to value by leveraging established Eigen Spheres to drive intelligence across hospitals, populations, and patients. Stop being predictive. Start being cognitive.