Patient Actions

Cognitive Clinical Solution that Protects Health and the Bottom Line

Our Cognitive Science Recommendation Machine helps providers protect their revenues while improving patient health outcomes.
We use clinical cognitive science that helps enable a holistic, actionable, and precise view into the future state of the patient. This approach will have the greatest positive impact on the patient populations.
Our objective is simple - stop the waste of resources and lives by predicting and stopping losses before they ever happen.
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Stop Medical Errors, Save More Lives

Stop Errors
Receive a high-definition view into the future state of a patient's health — a holistic portrait of the patient including the likelihood that a patient will suffer from an avoidable event such as sepsis or a pressure ulcer.

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Control Infection Risk for the Whole Patient

Infection Control
See the future state of each patient within a provider's walls and pin point those who are at an increased risk of infection or adverse event.

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Drive Prevention and Health for Individuals in the Community

Enable Community Health
Deliver the individualized interventions that will keep people healthy while they are still at home and in the community.

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Stop a Patient's Readmission

Stop Readmissions
Look at readmission events within all of the clinical and external context that drive risk.

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Keep Patients Healthier and Out of the ER

Prevent Avoidable ER Visits
Target avoidable ER visits and better manage costs by providing a high-definition view into future.

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Stop Chronic Condition Complications

Chronic Condition Management
Improve care for patients with chronic conditions, reduce complications related to chronic diseases and lower costs.

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Master Episode-based Payment Initiatives

CJR Bundles
Drive the clinical actions that will reduce risk and cost across each care episode.

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