Episode: Cancer Care Driven by AI

AI has a longer history with cancer care than most other areas within the healthcare system. But promises have been made that have yet to be realized. And the influence of genomics in unlocking the secrets to cancer treatment is still in its early stage. During this episode Amy Valley and our host, Tod Schlesinger, dive into the ways that AI is being applied to cancer care to more effectively manage pain, plan for end-of-life needs, and improve the patient experience. Listen to the podcast or watch the recording of this episode.

About Our Guest

Amy Valley, VP, Clinical Strategy and Technology Solutions at Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions — Amy is responsible for leading strategy for clinical and business solutions for Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions physician office customers. She is also responsible for leading the Vital Source GPO team, which develops technology solutions and services to drive contract performance and to deliver value to our members, above and beyond our contract portfolio. Vital Source GPO is a multi-specialty group purchasing organization serving community physician office practices who provide specialty pharmaceuticals.

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