Episode: Driving Patient Engagement with AI

This episode is all about patient engagement. We dive into the role of AI and other innovative technologies to support a more engaged patient, drive transparency, and help providers adjust to an environment of consumerism. To help us dig into this topic is Jeffery Fuller, MS, FACHE, Executive Director of Analytical Solutions for the UNC Health Care System. Listen to the podcast or watch the recording of this episode.

About Our Guest

Jeff Fuller, the Executive Director of Analytical Solutions for the UNC Health Care System To serve the needs of whole person health, Jeff works every day to be a part of transformational change in healthcare delivery, not just incremental improvements. Jeff has a commitment to adopting value as a core principle in healthcare delivery through leadership, analytics, innovation, and product management. He has over 23 years of experience in healthcare operations and analytics; specifically focused on solving high value problems through effectively engaging with caregivers and stakeholders through intuitive tools and a consultative approach leading to revolutionary improvements. Jeff is most successful when caregivers and consumers are able to make better-informed decisions and spend less time tracking down critical information because the analytics engine and infrastructure produced by his team is reliable, relevant, timely, aligned, high quality, and consistent.

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