Clinical AI for Payers

Don’t just identify risk – take action to prevent it.

Health plans have historically turned to traditional predictive modeling and risk stratification methodologies to help high-risk members achieve better outcomes and drive cost savings. Unfortunately, today’s unique environment combined with the demands of value-based care, consumerism, and deferred care has shone a light on the limitations of predictive analytics.
It’s no longer enough to identify risk – much of which can’t be changed.
What health plans need is prescriptive intelligence that helps identify individual members and populations on the cusp of becoming high risk, helps understand which risk factors are modifiable, provides guidance around how to apply evidence-based medicine to change the risk trajectory, and finally — ensures that critical information reaches each member.

Jvion’s prescriptive clinical-AI gives payers a holistic view of their members including their modifiable clinical and socioeconomic risk factors, the steps to prevent that risk from becoming a reality and insights on how to best engage members.

Jvion applies it’s clinical AI to help improve:

  • Member Activation and Engagement
  • Utilization & Cost Management
  • Medication Adherence
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Population Health
  • Behavioral Health Management

Clinical AI that Addresses Unforeseen & Avoidable Member Risk

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