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Mercy Medical Center (Mercy), a 476-bed hospital serving Southeastern Ohio, incorporated Jvion’s machine as a part of a larger commitment within Mercy to using the latest innovation to advance patient health. Implementing the advanced prescriptive analytics delivered by Jvion illustrates Mercy’s overarching strategy to optimize care, lower rates of avoidable events, and ensure the high levels of quality.

In October 2017, a unique collaboration between Geisinger, GSK, the COPD Foundation, and Jvion launched with the goal of improving the lives of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients. By identifying which patients need additional assistance and who is at risk of an acute exacerbation, Geisinger is able to better intervene on those patients with a significantly elevated risk with regard to inpatient admissions.

Through a unique collaboration between Cardinal Health, Inc. and Jvion, Inc., powerful and proven Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is being made available to oncology practices across the United States. Northwest Medical Specialties (NWMS) is one of the initial sites implementing the solution to drive better care, smarter spending, and improved outcomes.

Southeast Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) is one of the leading provider organizations currently using Jvion’s Cognitive Machine as the system’s AI asset. To date, the provider has realized a 16.75% average monthly reduction in the number of pressure injuries and a 25.5% average monthly reduction in sepsis using Jvion’s Cognitive Machine.

Onslow Memorial Hospital is a 160-bed hospital serving coastal Carolina that has taken bold steps in cognitive machine application to better serve their patient population. After initial success lowering readmissions, the provider expanded the application of Jvion’s Cognitive Machine to address gaps in the patient experience and to prevent avoidable ER and inpatient admissions.

As Atlanta’s preeminent safety net hospital, Grady Memorial Hospital (Grady) is an essential resource for many who would otherwise have little to no access to medical services. In a bold move, hospital leadership looked to incorporate Jvion’s leading Artificial Intelligent (AI) solution—the Cognitive Clinical Success Machine—with the system’s innovative Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) program to better serve patients and deliver personalized care. The results are delivering a 500% return while lowering the risk of readmissions, redefining the Grady experience, and putting the patient and his/her individualized needs first.

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