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Baptist Health

Baptist Health Uses the Power of the Jvion Machine as an Enterprise Asset

Jvion in the Hospital

Baptist Health, a three-hospital Integrated Delivery Network in the Southeast, has expanded the application of the Jvion Machine from one vector focused on all-cause readmission to a fully integrated prescriptive analytic for preventable harm solution. Their journey is one of transformation.

Starting with the tactical use of the Jvion machine to address capacity challenges, the provider has expanded the solution's application to broader strategic initiatives including MSPB and MSSP objectives. The ROI realized from the Jvion Machine goes beyond payor programs to the core mission of helping patients and improving health. The results are more than a line item in a balance sheet; they represent a competitive advantage in care quality and commitment to the patient community.

Organizational GoalsAligned Vectors
Create additional capacity to meet demand All Cause Readmission in 30 days
Reduce MSPB to meet MSSP Objectives CHF Readmission in 30 days
High performance on Medicare CHF Bundle CHF Readmission in 90 days

Jvion Machine Adoption Milestones

Initial Vector Selection and Application
Baptist Health initially deployed the all-cause readmission vector to a set of three community case managers with the goal of improving efficiency in and the effectiveness of post-discharge calls.
Initial Vector Performance
Using the Jvion Machine, community case managers were able to better identify and intervene on high-risk patients. This resulted in an 18% drop in readmissions.
Expanded System Adoption
A campaign was launched by Baptist Health leadership to broaden the adoption of the all-cause readmission vector and identify additional areas for prescriptive analytics for preventable harm application.
New Vector Selection
Based on leadership input, Baptist Health activated the CHF readmission vector to help optimize length of stay and MSPB/MSSP objectives. The decision was made at this time to fully integrate the Jvion Machine's outputs directly into the system’s Cerner EHR including all risk factors and interventions.

"Jvion’s Machine presented us with much more than a single use-case predictive tool. What we have is a true enterprise AI asset that we can point to multiple problems across our system and patient population.”

Kelly Benson, Director of Community Care Management for the Baptist Health Center for Wellbeing

Current Jvion Machine Performance

With interventions fully integrated into the clinical workflow, Baptist Health has achieved remarkable results. In those facilities with the highest levels of adoption and application of the Jvion Machine’s recommended actions, readmission rates for target events have dropped to close to 0%. This drop has translated into a decrease in LOS from 5.4 to 4.8.

Across the system, the provider has exceeded their overall goal for all readmissions by 107%. And for CHF, the system has realized up to a 70% decrease in readmissions within the first two months of cognitive machine adoption.

For more information on how Jvion’s solution can help your organization meet your goals, please contact us at contact@jvion.com.