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The Jvion Machine Drives Individualized, Patient-specific Action that Includes Behavioral Health Needs

This large safety-net hospital, headquartered in Cleveland, OH, is using the Jvion Machine to serve the diverse needs of a patient population that spans the socioeconomic, behavioral, and clinical spectrum.

The system initially implemented all-cause and sepsis readmissions across its two hospitals in the Cleveland area. Working with leadership, Jvion identified opportunities to enhance and customize the application of the machine to the different patient populations served by the system.

The result has been an expansion of predictive analytics for preventable harm application that goes beyond those events that incur a penalty to those that result in better health outcomes and lower costs. This includes addressing growing behavioral health needs and organizational priorities focused on optimizing length of stay and improving the patient experience.

Organizational GoalsAligned Vectors
Lower rates of readmissions with a focus on sepsis All Cause Readmission in 30 days and Sepsis Readmission in 30 days
Optimize patient discharge LOS Optimization
Address the critical behavioral health needs of the patient population Opioid, Suicide/Self Harm, and Depression Bundle

Jvion Machine Adoption Milestones

Initial Vector Selection and Application
The provider initially rolled out all-cause and sepsis readmission across both of its major facilities.
Initial Vector Performance
Adoption rates varied across the facilities, which provided an opportunity for leadership to evaluate the performance of the Jvion Machine and identify the unique needs of each patient population. Over a three-month period, one hospital realized close to $1M in cost avoided while the other struggled with adoption. Gaps were identified, and adjustments were made to onboard the underperforming hospital’s end users who could drive the largest impact on readmission rates.
Expanded System Adoption
Leadership worked to champion adoption of the machine more broadly and better optimize workflow. This has resulted in the more effective application of the Jvion Machine and a sustained, significant decrease across all-cause and sepsis readmissions.
New Vector Selection
In analyzing performance for the readmissions vectors, additional patient needs were identified that went beyond the typical events that are mandated or penalized. The safety-net hospital has a large population of patients with opioid dependency and behavioral health risks. The other facility is focused on optimizing patient discharge and reducing length of stay outliers. The Jvion Machine will be applied to identify patients at risk of opioid abuse, self harm/suicide, and depression within the safety-net while the other hospital will roll out the machine’s LOS vector. Both vectors hold the promise of improved patient care, lowered cost, and quality outcomes for the community.

Current Jvion Machine Performance

To-date, the cumulative ROI for both hospitals is approximately $6.7M. There is tremendous excitement around the rollout of the behavioral health bundle. Leadership is committed to addressing the opioid crisis using the latest and most effective prescriptive analytics for preventable harm technology delivered by Jvion. Additionally, the machine is serving as a strategic asset helping to prepare the provider for future demands and payment models.

For more information on how Jvion’s solution can help your organization meet your goals, please contact us at contact@jvion.com.