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Onslow Memorial Hospital

Onslow Memorial Hospital Shows the Industry that Even a Small Hospital can Achieve AI Success

Onslow Memorial Hospital is a 160-bed hospital serving coastal Carolina that has taken bold steps in cognitive machine application to better serve their patient population. After initial success lowering readmissions, the provider expanded the application of Jvion’s Cognitive Machine to address gaps in the patient experience and to prevent avoidable ER and inpatient admissions.

The machine has become a critical asset in achieving organizational goals focused on growth (market share and service-lines) clinical integration, quality and safety, and population health management.

Organizational GoalsAligned Vectors
Ensure capacity for growth All Cause Readmission and Sepsis Readmission
Improve quality and safety Pressure Injury
Drive market share and improve the patient experience Patient Experience
Enable the goals of the ACO Avoidable ER and Inpatient Admissions (90 days)

Cognitive Machine Adoption Milestones

Initial Vector Selection and Application
Onslow Memorial Hospital selected all-cause readmission, sepsis readmission, and pressure injuries (implemented later) as their initial vectors.
Initial Vector Performance
The performance of the machine helped drive strong executive and clinical informatics support. Over 24 months, the hospital avoided more than $3M in costs through their readmissions reduction program and integration of the cognitive machine.
Expanded System Adoption
Clinical engagement expanded to include a committee of stakeholders comprising nursing and quality executives. The focus of this committee is to drive engagement for each activated vector. Because of the committee’s continued work, nursing leadership has been more visible and has taken ownership of actioning the machine’s outputs.
New Vector Selection
Two additional areas of application were identified: patient experience and avoidable ER/Inpatient admissions. By activating the patient experience vector, Onslow Memorial Hospital will be able to proactively identify potential care gaps and take the actions that will not only address the gaps but also drive patient engagement. In addition, three pilot opportunities were identified within newly established ACO clinics. These sites will apply the outputs of the machine’s avoidable admissions and ER visit (90 days) vector with the goals of improving quality scores and lowering costs.

"We’ve been fairly successful; actually, quite successful. What (Jvion) has meant for us is that when we look to allocate resources toward patient care we can do so much more efficiently. So our resource allocation is now based on the smartest, most efficient way that we can do our work and achieve those better patient outcomes.”

Penney Burlingame-Deal, Chief Executive Officer for Onslow Memorial Hospital

Current Machine Performance

For the readmission vectors, the hospital has realized a sustained a 20% drop in occurrences. As the rollout of the patient experience and avoidable admissions moves forward, the anticipated value will expand to account for patient perception and ACO performance.

The leadership and stakeholder committee driving the adoption of Jvion’s Cognitive Machine understand that AI isn’t a luxury limited to a handful of prominent providers; rather, it is an imperative to ensuring quality patient care and the long-term sustainability of the hospital.

For more information on how Jvion’s solution can help your organization meet your goals, please contact us at contact@jvion.com.