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Mercy Medical Center

Mercy Medical Center Lowers Rates of Readmissions by More Than 20%

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Over the last 18 months, we have seen a sustained 20 percent drop in readmission rates. This drop and the improvements in quality that we have realized are attributed to the implementation of the Jvion Machine and the commitment of our staff to continually improve the patient care experience.

Paul Hiltz, Chief Executive Officer at Mercy Medical Center


Mercy Medical Center (Mercy), part of the Sisters of Charity Health System, is a 476-bed hospital serving Southeastern Ohio. Mercy is also part of the NewHealth Collaborative, Summa Health System’s Accountable Care Organization.

The incorporation of the Jvion Machine is part of a larger commitment within Mercy to using the latest innovation to advance patient health. Implementing the advanced prescriptive analytics for preventable harm delivered by Jvion illustrates Mercy’s overarching strategy to optimize care, lower rates of avoidable events, and ensure the high levels of quality.

Cognitive Machine Application

Jvion’s outputs are integrated directly into Mercy’s EHR and current clinical workflow. Bedside nurses and care coordinators access the machine’s insights to inform discharge and care planning activities. This includes a patient’s risk, the clinical and non-clinical factors driving that risk, and the specific actions that will help reduce the risk of an avoidable adverse event. These insights are enhancing communication across care delivery teams by helping clinicians focus the right care on the right patients at the right time.


As a result of Jvion’s machine, Mercy has been able to sustain a 20% reduction in readmissions and avoid more than $4M in costs.

According to Paul Hiltz, Chief Executive Officer at Mercy Medical Center, “we have realized more than $4M in avoided costs because of the actions taken by our care givers to lower readmission rates. That is money that we can reinvest in our communities and our hospital to further improve care.”

Mercy is leveraging the Jvion Machine as a true enterprise asset. They have plans to expand application of the solution to other areas of need including no-show appointments, avoidable admissions, optimization of patient discharge, and employee health.

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